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‘Lucifer’ Summer Watch: The Would-Be Prince of Darkness Recap

Published on July 22nd, 2016 | Updated on July 22nd, 2016 | By FanFest

After a bit of a hiatus, the Lucifer summer watch continues (with many apologies from me)! This week’s episode, “The Would-Be Prince of Darkness” saw Lucifer deal with an imposter and highlighted his need to clear an innocent man’s name, something that doesn’t quite sit well with those close to Lucifer.

Lucifer Tempting Ty, a football player, while at a party at Ty’s home leads to the case of the week after the girl he hooks up with is found face down in his pool. As Chloe and the LAPD are on the case, Ty becomes a suspect and Lucifer is hell-bent on proving that Ty is innocent. His insistence leads him and Chloe down a trail of sports agents, stalker ex-girlfriend (who turns out wasn’t the kind of stalker that scared Ty), and fixers.

Ultimately, the person who was revealed to be the murderer took an interesting turn but was an example of what desperation makes people and the messed up things they are willing to do. In the midst of it all, Chloe got another look at one of Lucifer’s inexplicable skill–his strength.

All the while, Lucifer’s dealing with someone stealing his identity and he’s less than enthuses about it. Dr. Martin thinks it might be about more than that, however, as the sessions throughout the hour lead to her insistence that he’s changed more than he’s already admitted to changing. That he actually enjoys seeking justice.

Lucifer’s offended attitude towards not the identity thief but that the fact that he was using to sully his name was entertaining, especially when it came to the shakedown. It was entertaining to see Lucifer and Maze getting the information out of him. The confrontation quickly takes a turn once Maze tells him that he’s punishing himself.

This was an entertaining hour, namely seeing Chloe begin finally getting some proof that Lucifer is more than he just thought he was as he pushed Ty’s agent into another room.

One question did come up when they mentioned that the stalker ex-girlfriend’s lead was surveillance camera of an all-night frozen yogurt shop, eating her feelings. I mean, an all-night fro-yo shop? Is that really a thing?

What I Enjoyed: Lucifer’s reaction to the identity thief as well as his and Dr. Martin’s sessions were fun to watch. It was even more entertaining to see when Dr. Martin visibly strikes a nerve with what she’s gathered from what Lucifer has told her over their time together.

Onto episode four!

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