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‘Lucifer’ Summer Watch: Sweet Kicks Recap

Published on September 14th, 2016 | Updated on September 13th, 2016 | By FanFest

And the Lucifer summer watch is speeding through the next set of episodes!

It’s all about the shoes in this episode of Lucifer as a shooting at a fashion show leads to a teen being trampled. The case leads to gangs competing, one of which has ties to the shoe designer’s past.

The case itself was entertaining but it was what happened to Lucifer and company as a result that made the episode. It’s funny that after a few investigations, Chloe still thinks she can get rid of Lucifer. After his “conversation” with her chief, it should become increasingly clear to her that she won’t be getting rid of him anytime soon.

Their interview with Benny offers a gang connection to the murder and a break for the pair that leads them to a cop bar Lucifer wanted to go to. Of course that little field trip ended in a near bar fight as we see that Lucifer wants to push the limits, as he has a tendency to do.

Lucifer’s belief that it’s all a game hit a somewhat annoying level for most of the hour until he realizes how real it all is. He eventually does what he does best and distracts the Latin Kings long enough to them out of the mess. The moments when he understands the gravity of the situation is one that hopefully leaves a lasting impression.

Meanwhile, Maze seems to be more concerned with the fact that Lucifer was shot and actually bled, than his well-being. So, she goes to the one person who has been approaching her about doing something about the Lucifer situation…Amenadiel.

Maze and Amenadiel’s meeting place — a coffee place of all places — is a fun, startling contrast to who they are. That gets quickly explained away as Maze explains the similarities between the shop and hell. She quickly gets to the point, she wants to go back and offers him a hint to help speed up the process. That hint? Dr. Martin.

With that information, Amenadiel makes his way to Martin’s office after Maze’s tip. His startling appearance, though throws her off, he eventually turns on the charm…and it works.

Maze and Lucifer’s argument adds more tension to their dynamic as he accuses her of being jealous of his connection to Chloe. Even with coming through and saving Lucifer and his professing his appreciation for always watching his back, she still seems determined to follow with whatever she’s got planned with Amenadiel.

Maze has got her sights set on Chloe and from that moment at the end of the hour and it doesn’t look so great for the unassuming detective.

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