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‘Lucifer’ Summer Watch: Manly Whatnots Recap

Published on August 5th, 2016 | Updated on August 2nd, 2016 | By FanFest

The Lucifer summer watch continues with “Manly Whatnots” and more insight into what’s going on around Lucifer and what’s going on with the man/demon himself.

Chloe’s starting to put things together, the more curious she gets about Lucifer. Her level of curiosity is pretty much

The case of the week offered a missing person’s case as Lindsay, “small-town girl new to the city”, goes missing and Chloe gets put on the case because according to Dan, she’s the best for the job…and because of her connection to Lucifer. The case leads the half-reluctant pair to a pickup seminar, where Lindsay was last spotted.

Dan’s got some issues with just how much Lucifer is hanging around finding him making breakfast for Chloe (who was only wearing a towel) at her house.

Meanwhile, Lucifer continues his mission to get Chloe to fall for his charms. He goes to Dr. Martin for advice and comes out with a suggestion that is comically not what she meant at all…Lucifer believes he has to sleep with Chloe. He spends most of the hour trying to accomplish and he fails miserably. A hilariously grounded and human trait.

Though it’s still not working it seems like another layer is being added to their relationship, as their conversations took a turn this episode. Chloe’s attempt at getting a closer look (and touch) at here his wings were cut led to a bit of an intense moment where Lucifer lost that bit of aloofness we’re used to.

After Chloe and Lucifer’s conversation during the stake out, he reveals that he can’t bleed and sheds some more light on certain aspects of immortality. Ultimately, the stakeout leads to the final twist of the case of the week–Lindsay kidnapped herself. The reveal and the confrontation lead to a terrified Lindsay after she sees Lucifer’s real face and Chloe gets a glimpse of that in a reflection.

Chloe finally shoots Lucifer–after being baited by the man again–and while she may have confirmed that he’s not what he’s claimed to be since she met him, Lucifer starts to question why there is blood and why he felt the pain of being shot at all. While he’s still confused about why it’s happening, the final moments of the episode offer a possible explanation–a frightening one for Lucifer–that he may be more human than he thought.

While all of this is going on, Maze has to contend with Amenadiel’s attempt to get her to work with him on bringing Lucifer back to their side. Though Maze seems to be reluctant initially, her face off against Amenadiel leaves them on somewhat uncertain terms.

And that’s it for “Manly Whatnots.” On to the next episode!


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