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‘Lucifer’ Summer Watch: Favorite Son Recap

Published on September 14th, 2016 | Updated on September 13th, 2016 | By FanFest

Moving swiftly along our Lucifer summer watch, up now is “Favorite Son.”

The hour kicks off with Tom Ellis showcasing his own musical abilities as Lucifer regales club goers with a song…all the while a security guard is getting murdered at a facility. The murderer also gets away with a shipping container and the container belongs to none other than Lucifer.

While Lucifer may not have felt that this week’s case was interesting initially, Maze dropping that little bit of information about his shipping container definitely piqued his interest. His sudden return to the investigation and the reveal about his connection to the robbery leads Chloe to reach out to Dan to look into what could be in that container considering that the warehouse it was in housed black market merchandise.

Dan’s investigation leads to a fun confrontation between him and Maze at Lux while he’s looking for the club’s books. Maze takes the opportunity to get Dan and Chloe back together…in her own way. “Her way” leads to a hilarious image of Dan in a pink track suit and an Nsync t-shirt.

While Maze was working on Dan, Amenadiel was working on Dr. Martin and offering some of his “professional” advice on how to deal with Lucifer. Of course, she was very much open to his “help.”

Back to the case of the week, Chloe confronts Lucifer about what he’s hiding while they are in the middle of a stakeout. It was an interesting moment in that we saw Chloe tell him that she actually liked working with him and just asked him to be honest with her about what was in the container. Lucifer’s response? Russian nesting dolls.

Their little moment of attempted honesty (at least on one side) is cut short when the stakeout heats up and the pair see one of the bikers they had met at the bar they had begun their investigation at get shot. As Chloe heads to the guy who got shot, Lucifer runs after the biker who rode off.

When Lucifer catches up to the man, he discovers that he was the one who stole the container and even took a peek inside. The entire hour wondering what could be inside the container that set Lucifer that much on edge and we get two reveals that really don’t reveal anything: Chloe finding actual Russian nesting dolls before leaving the container and Lucifer discovering that what he was hiding in the walls has gone missing. But what is it?

With Amenadiel’s manipulative plan in place, Lucifer’s return to Dr. Martin’s office gets to the heart of the matter as she gets inside of his head and while she thinks they’re speaking in metaphors, we soon discover that Lucifer’s retirement has a lot to do with what he’s been forced to do for so long as Satan and essentially his own version of daddy issues.

By the end of the hour, we find out exactly what he was hiding…his wings!

But, whose got his wings?

On to the next episode!

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