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Loki: We Are Going To Find Out Why Loki Wears Horns! The God Of Mischief’s Secrets Revealed!

Published on June 8th, 2021 | Updated on June 8th, 2021 | By FanFest

Loki will be airing tomorrow, Wednesday, June 10, and fans can literally not wait. Who knows how many people are sitting there, praying the episode is somehow released early? We just recently learned that we are going to find out why Loki wears horns! Is it something we need to know? No, but it’s still kind of cool!

Throughout all the costume changes Loki has undergone, one thing has remained. His horns. Sure, sometimes he doesn’t wear the helmet but you can usually see him sporting them and it looks like they’re not just a fashion statement. At least, we assume that if their origin is going to be revealed in the show.

Loki will be wearing those horns once more when Loki hits Disney+ tomorrow (well, tonight at midnight if you’re willing to forfeit sleep). As you can imagine, Tom Hiddleston has been doing interviews about the show, and he brought them up specifically!

The Loki star reveals that fans weren’t the only ones with questions about the horns. No, apparently the people behind the scenes who are making something set in the MCU for the first time had some questions too.

This specific quote comes from Murphy’s Multiverse.

“People wanted to know about the horns. I do remember that. There was a question of when does Loki wear the horns? Why does he wear them? Is it a ceremonial thing or are they somehow an extension of some emotional intention? Is he particularly malevolent at those times? It was kind of interesting to be asked these questions from outside, I guess, from outside this experience. All will become clear in time.”

So, even though it’s not something we necessarily need, that doesn’t mean it can’t be good! The reviews for Loki have actually started trickling out, and so far they’re incredibly positive.

Are you excited to learn why Loki wears horns? Let us know in the comments!

Regardless, we can’t wait to watch the first episode tomorrow!


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