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Loki’s MCU Return Hints at Thor 5’s Darker Storyline

Published on October 7th, 2023 | Updated on October 7th, 2023 | By FanFest

The Multiverse: How Loki Season 2’s Post-Credits Scene Sets the Stage for Thor 5 and Marvel’s ‘Siege


Marvel’s Loki season 2 kicks off with familiar Marvel Cinematic Universe tropes, embracing callbacks, deep cuts, retcons, and a pivotal post-credits scene with implications for the future. Notably, the first Loki season 2 post-credits scene stands out, especially due to its connection to a potential Thor 5 storyline. Which could be an exhilarating prospect whenever it becomes a reality.

While Thor’s return to the Marvel movie timeline remains unconfirmed, Thor: Love & Thunder teases a fresh adventure for Chris Hemsworth‘s God of Thunder. It seems improbable that he would be absent from Avengers 5 and 6. The MCU has already dropped significant hints about what a Thor 5 installment could entail, including the introduction of a new adversary in the form of Hercules. However, the most captivating idea might be an adaptation of one of the most iconic, yet unexplored Thor comic stories: Siege. Remarkably, Loki season 2’s initial post-credits scene introduces a crucial location from that storyline into the MCU.

Loki Season 2’s New Location Ties To Marvel’s Siege

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In the Loki Season 2 premiere post-credits scene, Sylvie’s return to Earth in 1982 takes place in Broxton, Oklahoma. While this location choice may seem inconsequential, it holds significant importance in Marvel comics. Broxton was where Asgard was rebuilt following Marvel Comics’ Ragnarok event. During this storyline, Lady Loki made her debut when Loki stole Lady Sif’s body and imprisoned her consciousness in another woman, continuing to torment his adoptive brother.

Moreover, Broxton plays a pivotal role in Marvel’s Siege storyline, which involves Asgard’s conflict with Norman Osborn and the Dark Avengers. Although the MCU shifted New Asgard’s location from Broxton to Tønsberg, Norway, the connection to Siege is too evident to ignore. While a faithful adaptation of Siege may not be feasible, Marvel Studios has a history of diverging from comic book events when bringing them to the screen.

In Loki Season 2, the significance of Broxton as a key location is established, hinting at its potential importance across the multiverse. This opens up possibilities for Broxton to replace the Soldier Field setting in the tragic event engineered by Norman Osborn and Loki in the comics’ Siege storyline, aiming to turn public opinion against Asgard. Alternatively, a villain in Thor 5’s Siege could leverage Broxton’s significance to provoke Thor’s anger and further sway public sentiment against extraterrestrial beings on Earth, following the events teased in Secret Invasion’s conclusion.

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While the conclusion of ‘Thor: Love & Thunder’ may hint at a revenge-driven plot with Brett Goldstein’s Hercules as the antagonist, ‘Siege’ emerges as a compelling narrative choice for ‘Thor 5.’ Building on the events of ‘Secret Invasion,’ where the US government inadvertently fosters anti-alien sentiment and vigilanteism following the Skrull invasion revelation, it’s inevitable that this will affect the existing alien population in Norway and potentially all superpowered beings, including mutants, as the MCU evolves.

Moreover, the prospect of Thor’s people relocating to Earth could trigger unrest among the native population, reminiscent of the lingering apprehension towards superheroes despite the Avengers’ heroic efforts during the Battle of New York. Sentry, a rumored character in ‘Thunderbolts,’ played a pivotal role in the destruction of New Asgard during the ‘Siege’ storyline, adding another layer of complexity. The Thunderbolts themselves could serve as the MCU’s Dark Avengers, engaging in a conflict between the Asgardians and the Avengers.

With Loki’s mention of Broxton in mind, all the pieces appear to be in place for ‘Thor 5’ to weave together a captivating narrative.

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Quick summary

  • “Marvel’s Loki season 2 begins with familiar MCU themes, featuring callbacks, deep cuts, and a significant post-credits scene that hints at future developments. This post-credits scene is particularly intriguing due to its potential link to a storyline in Thor 5.”
  • “The article delves into the connection between Loki season 2’s post-credits scene set in Broxton, Oklahoma, and the comic book storyline ‘Siege.’ It explores the possibility of Broxton’s role in Thor 5, potential conflicts involving Asgardians, Earth, and the Dark Avengers, as well as the impact of Secret Invasion events on the MCU’s superpowered population.”

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