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Loki Season 2 Is Coming!

Published on July 14th, 2021 | Updated on August 1st, 2021 | By FanFest

Loki aired the final episode of the season, and we’re glad to confirm that Loki season 2 is confirmed. They confirmed it at the end of the episode, as once the credits were over they show a message. It said, stamped on the screen “Loki Will Return In Season 2”, leaving Loki fans thrilled! The Loki finale confirms season 2!

There may be spoiler for the Loki season finale, so make sure you check that out on Disney+ before you read any further! You don’t want to ruin the ending do you!?

So, we saw Loki and Sylvie reach beyond the end of time and meet He Who Remains! This is the person responsible for the TVA and the person who tamed Alioth.

He tells his story, speaking about how he was the one who discovered the Multiverse. His variants caused some sort of multiversal role, in order to save their respective universes.

It is the one who our two main characters meet that wins that war. He tames Alioth and uses him to stabilize the timeline, compressing time into a single, sacred timeline.

Loki and Sylvie end up at odds, and Sylvie sends Loki away, choosing to kill He Who Remains. This sends Loki into a complete panic. He rushes to find Mobius in the TVA.

The problem comes when it becomes obvious that Mobius doesn’t remember him. This leaves Loki stunned and confused, and he takes a lookout at the TVA.

This is where he sees a statue of He Who Remains in place of where the TimeKeepers used to be. This implies that He Who Remains has already taken over the timelines, or at least, some of his variants have.

He Who Remains did mention that he would be reincarnated even if Sylvie didn’t believe him.

Then, that’s where it is revealed the Loki finale confirms season 2! We’ll see these plotlines revolved then, we expect. We have no idea how these events may affect the MCU yet!

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