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Logan’s Honest Trailer is Fantastic and Features Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

Published on May 23rd, 2017 | Updated on May 23rd, 2017 | By FanFest

Screen Junkies just celebrated their 200th Honest Trailer which means the success of the venture is only growing stronger as time goes on. Their trailers are, just as they describe, honest and the dry humor is some of the best out there. From films like Captain America: Civil War and Guardians of the Galaxy to Fifty Shades Darker and La La Land no film is safe from Screen Junkies, and we’re glad for it.

For their 200th Honest Trailer celebration, the film Logan was given an ‘Honest Trailer’ – we chuckled the entire time.

They first describe Logan as: ‘Wolverine; once he was a hero, now he’s one of those uber drivers you cancel because it looks like he’s going to murder you.

Further into the trailer, they talk about how Wolverine takes on new villains like ‘Bloody Coughing Fits’ and ‘Fading Eyesight’ ‘Alcoholism’ and ‘Suicidal Depression’ to name a few.

There’s also a moment where they talk ratings, and things get a little bit real a little too quickly.

‘I guess it’s rated R for realization…that we all get old…and die.’

‘Man, iMovie must be sick in the future’

While the guys behind the Honest Trailer were having a hard time ‘making fun’ of Logan, they decided to call in some help – and that help came in the form of Deadpool. His first words are priceless.

Are you high? I’m not going to sh– on Logan, that film is a fuc— masterpiece.

Honest Trailers tries to bait Deadpool by comparing his film to Logan, the whole female sidekick, hero living with a senior thing’.

Deadpool laughs: ‘Oh you motherfu—, you aren’t going to bait me into this, I do the baiting around here mister. I do not endorse this weak attempt to take down the Jackman just to endorse your views. It’s not my fault YouTube keeps unsubscribing people without telling them.

Deadpool signs off by saying that this is why he doesn’t take calls from Fat Betsy anymore.

To watch the trailer yourselves, check it out below, it’s one of the best ones and not just because we’re massive Deadpool and Logan fans, but because the guys at Screen Junkies really do strike gold with some of these, and this is no different.

Which Honest Trailer is your favorite? Let us know.

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