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‘Logan’ Tracking $237 Mil Worldwide Opening

Published on March 5th, 2017 | Updated on March 5th, 2017 | By FanFest

Hugh Jackman may have just given audiences his most raw and unstrained performance yet as James Howlett/Logan, but Logan is proving to be a major accomplishment for Jackman’s iconic tenure with the X-Men franchise.

In its first weekend of release worldwide, Logan is looking to be the risky gamble that Hugh Jackman championed for a long time. After just a mere three days in theaters the James Mangold-directed blockbuster is tracking a $237.8 worldwide opening. The last of Jackman’s 17-year reign as Logan/Wolverine, Logan was produced for a mere $97 million and has already recouped its budget. Here in the United States the film has earned a staggering $85.3 million, though that figure only includes Sunday estimates. In other territories Logan amassed $152.5 million, including opening #1 in China (even with heavy edits from their stingent censorship board). Once the final tallies are revealed on Monday afternoon, expect the final weekend gross to balloon even further.

This can only be seen as a major victory to Jackman’s legacy. The actor took a pay cut to ensure that Logan could be lensed in its pure unadulterated R-rated form. Not only that, but James Mangold revealed last week that both studio and producers allowed the director to shoot the movie he wanted with no interference. The same principle worked for Tim Miller’s Deadpool, which went on to gross a cume of $783 million worldwide. Though it’s to be said if the world is ready for further R-rated genre tales, Fox is quickly developing a reputation for allowing directors to fully realize their visions in full without any meddling.

Logan, existing in a What If?-type of world, focuses on a world-worn Logan and mentally unstable Charles Xaiver as they cross the country to get a young mutant to the Canadian border before a nefarious scientist, aided by the Reavers, can reclaim his runaway experiment. As we’ve already made mention, the movie is not only one of the strongest comic book films ever created but contains some of the most emotional performances from both Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart. The film can be seen in your local theater now, along with a special trailer for Deadpool 2.

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