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‘Limitless’ Recap ‘The Assassination of Eddie Morra’

Published on January 5th, 2016 | Updated on June 7th, 2016 | By FanFest

A woman with shopping bags enters a hotel room, takes off her disguise and take an NZT pill. She takes out an assassin’s rifle out of
the bags.

On NZT himself, Morra notices a glimmer or a rifle in the distance and knows that someone is going to take a shot at him while he makes his speech. He lets the bullet graze his arm so that he will be praised as a survivor and not a corpse.

Mr. Sands is at the FBI and Brian starts to freak out. He imagines that Naz and Harris finds out about the deal with Mora. But Mr. Sands
is just there to discuss who could have shot Morra and to thank the bureau for investigating it.

Brian catches Mr. Sands in the elevator and he tells Brian the story. They have a name: Piper Baird. Brian’s job is to keep the FBI away from Piper and the idea that Morra is relate to the NZT pills.

Brian looks up Piper and finds out that her boyfriend was murdered and she is the main suspect. She left no trace in the hotel room.

Brian notices some eyeliner on a painting and Piper uses the laser point on the rifle to spell out a phrase in Morse Code.

“Find Sammy Depietro and you will find me”- Piper.

Harris uses a diagram to map the sniper’s distance. Seeing it as an impossibly long distance, she suggests that the sniper was one NZT.

Brian finds the truck driver that drove some “mysterious cargo” and gives him a rare record. The man points him to the body and Brian finds Piper. Well he finds her hideout. He also finds pictures of his family. Worried that she might hurt his family, he goes to his parents’ house. Piper is already there and has introduced herself as Brian’s girlfriend.

Piper tells Brian her side of the story and that Morra is dangerous. She is not there to hurt anyone. She admits to helping invent the enzyme
to negate the side effects and to taking some of the NZT pills. And to get back at her, Morra had her boyfriend killed.

She tells Brian that he will help her assassinate Morra.

So, Brian meets with Morra so he can ask him if he had Piper’s boyfriend killed. Morra denies it, saying that Piper went crazy and stole a
bunch of the NZT.

Mr. Sands gives Brian a gun and implies that if Brian wants another shot, he must kill Piper.

An anonymous tip leads Harris to a woman who confesses to shooting Morra. But she’s not Piper Baird and although she did take NZT,
she is suffering from a disease that would make shooting that shot impossible.

Brian decides to meet with Piper and when she notices the gun, she runs. He chases her to a subway station and pushes her. INTO A TRAIN!

Brian is as shocked as we are.

Mr. Sands assures Brian that there is no trace of Brian anywhere on the crime scene. He attempts to bond with Brian by telling him the story of his first kill.

Morra drops by the Bureau to talk to Brian. He asks why Brian is still trying to hold on to his old self.

Piper isn’t actually dead. It turns out that her and Brian made a deal to fake her death because he was not going to kill her, or Morra.

”Luckily I know a lot about jumping in front of subway trains and she, disturbingly, knows a thing or two about stealing cadavers and rigging them under subway platforms.” – Brian

Morra cannot know that Piper is alive, so she must flee the country. She can recreate the enzyme, Morra can announce his Presidential bid and Harris can investigate Morra’s transition from writer to politician.

If Harris finds out the truth about Morra, Brian is history.


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