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Limitless’ Recap ‘Stop Me Before I Hug Again’

Published on January 19th, 2016 | Updated on June 7th, 2016 | By FanFest

Brian is at a crime scene when he dreams about Cookies and Cuddles Corner. The dinosaur says he is here to help with the scary stuff
Brian is witnessing. Instead of scary words, they’ll use something better.

#1 scary words= fun words.

#2 Stupid nicknames = not cool ones.

(Honestly the fun words made this episode a little hard to follow, but it was adorable.)

David Englander, a big celebrity to the division, comes to help with the investigation. Brian pisses him off by negating what he says:
Mr. Pralines and Cream is one of two guys and he doesn’t have to be civil workers to have killed the girl. And he was right.

David Englander invites Brian to Quantico to work with behavioral analysis.

Brian and Rebecca have a great time on the trip until she “gets curious” about the senator.

They arrive and get to work. Because of his good work, Englander invites Brian to spend more time with the FBI.

On the way back, Brian and Rebecca take a pit stop in Pennsylvania and finds out Englander got the wrong Mr. Butter Pecan.

But Andre Hannan passes the lie detector… or he convinced himself that he did it. Or someone planted the “memories” into his brain.

Andre did receive some treatment for his depression and a scar was left, proving Brian’s theory.

Brian poses as Agent Vance to get evidence and ultimately sneaks in, as Rebecca breaks the bad news that Andre’s psychiatrist, Dr. Gillroy
had alibis for the “Huggings.” They then go to the evidence locker as well. The button is chipped, but in the wrong spot.

While discussing Nolan Bale and his possible role in framing Andre, Brian offers to shave a random lady’s dog to get Nolan’s DNA. Both Noan and Dr. Gillroy get arrested and Englander keeps trying to get Brian to relocate to the FBI.

So will Rebecca find out?

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