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‘Limitless’ Recap ‘Sands, Agent of Morra’

Chapter 1: Wilder

While having a relaxing night of Game of Thrones with his sister, Brain gets a knock at the door. Mr. Sands is injured. He demands that Brian use NZT to fix his leg instead of calling 911.

Brian remembers some stuff he read from his brother’s medical books when he was first trying to figure out what was wring with his father. Together he and Rachael sew up Sands, good as new.

He almost immediately falls over unable to breathe out. Brian quickly recognizes it as tension pneumothorax and reinflates his lungs. Now able to breathe, Sands sits up and crosses out the word “Wilder” on a piece of paper. What is he up to?

Chapter 2: DeMille

Sands explains how he got the injury but wont tell Brian why. Harris calls and Mr. Sands throws his phone out of the car.

It’s Harris’s birthday, but doesn’t seem to like it. She throws out a cupcake that Boyle got her. Why does she hate her birthday so much?

Naz wants everyone in the office to look into a kidnapping. Henry Watkins is a type 1 diabetic. The school claims that Henry’s father picked him up from school. The kidnapper sent his parent’s a list of demands.

Brian looks up a Fredrick Tanner, but it is still unclear what he is doing with Sands. It turns out that the piece of paper with the words, was
actually a list of Sands’ past teammates.

For the record, Sands’ past is EPIC!

Brian contemplates washing his hands of the situation, but as it turns out, Tanner is ordering Mr. Sands to kill his teammates and he wants
Brian to find Tanner so he can stop killing these men.

Chapter 3: Lean

They wait for Lean in a diner and Brian is not happy. Why is Tanner targeting these men and why is he making Sands kill them? Sands gets Brian a milkshake and explains the whole thing. Sentor Morra doesn’t know about Sands’ murdering spree and Brian, certain that Sands can’t withhold the monthly shot, leaves.

Ike goes to Brian’s apartment and is surprised to see Rachael there, he is crushing so hard on her. He tells her that he has been ordered
to wait with her until Brian returns.

Sands caves and tells Brian all about why he is after Tanner. Henry is his son and Tanner kidnapped him. Brian agrees to help when he realizes that that list ends with Sands. Lean begins to choke on the poisonous concoction that Sands put in his food. Harris finds
the guy who took Henry, but doesn’t have a name. He looks a lot like Tanner.

Chapter 4: Huston

Huston is in a hospital bed, Sands left him for last because Huston saved him. They were friends. Huston also got him the job with Morra.

Brian begins to search Huston’s place for clues to where Tanner is. The nurse gives Brian a key to the safety deposit box that holds all of the dirt Huston has on everyone.

Harris is getting worried about Brian, where is he? It turns out that Harris hates her birthday because he never showed up. She wished on her birthday candles that he died and he did. Well she knows she didn’t cause it, but still.

Brian breaks into Mr. Matthews’ home to get him to open up the bank. He succeeds to find Tanner’s burn book. The only name not recognized is Val Lewton.

Naz receives word that the man who took Henry is named Val Lewton. Dun dun Duuun!

Chapter 5: Peckinpah

Henry is Sands’ son? Sands tell Brian to get Henry out but to leave Tanner to him.

Sands killed Tanner and actually thanks Brian for his help. Sands then punches Brian to give him an alibi for why he didn’t show up to

He goes to visit Harris to see how she’s doing and to give her a birthday gift: a nap pillow. Those things are pretty cool.

Brian arrives home to find Rachael and Ike, together, they slept together!?!

Disgusted, Brian leaves and at the diner, he rereads the burn book.

Sands killed Conrad Harris.

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