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‘Limitless’ Recap ‘Finale: Part Two!!’

Last week we saw NZT being sold on the street. We also saw Sands break out of prison… And now Morra is no where to be found… And Nas
is freaking out.

Nas is hesitant to take Brian back but agrees that he is able to help and now has access to it on the streets.

He hallucinates and begins to talk to Piper who is telling him that he needs to stop trying to find her. He’ll die trying and she doesn’t want
that. He tries to reason with her saying that he still has some immunity left. We’ll see how long that lasts, if the hallucination is any
indication, he doesn’t have long.

Rebecca can see that he is having side effects and that he is trying to hide them. She agrees to help him any way she can.

Brian suggests that they go to Mary Wu’s place, she was Clay Meeks’ foster mother. They soon get a visual on him trying to escape, rather
gracefully, across the rooftops. They capture him.

Meeks is less than helpful but does give them a name: Mornean. Jean Pierre Mornean? The Canadian Diplomat?

They go to pay him a visit only to find him dead. First thought is suicide, Brian doesn’t think so.

Rebecca, trying to cover for Brian, takes him away from the crime scene to his dad’s. There he explains why he is doing what he is doing. His
dad is more understanding this time around and truly hopes that Piper is alive and Brian finds her.

Instead of sleeping, Brian takes another NZT pill and creates a huge model. He thinks treaty negotiations would be the best way to get answers.

Ok, his hallucinations are getting creepy! What is going on?

Sands is working on the next victim. He is getting other people to do his dirty work. They want everyone to think the treaty is going to happen but then they kill it (and the diplomats) and get all of the money.

The team goes to the Greenland diplomat to try to put him under protective custody. But then his Canadian body guard shoots him in the head. They tell him they can help get his daughter back if he tells them what he knows.

The next move is to find Sands. They got to the chemical plant where they think Sands is held up in. He’s there and a gun fight ensues.

Rebecca finds him and begins shooting at him. There’s a huge explosion which prompts Brian to go inside and help out.

By the time Brian and Boyle catch up to Rebecca, she has shot Sands and the fight is over.

The bad guys have officially lost but Brian doesn’t feel any better… He didn’t save Piper. Rebecca tries to convince him that his immunity is now gone and no one wants him to take another pill. She offers to take him to the hospital but he says his parents should probably do that. Her advice: bring socks. Everything is going to be fine.

He goes inside to find… Piper! What?! She’s alive! This is amazing. She doesn’t want the government to have the immunity shot because she made the effects permanent.

But she wants Brian to have it.

Brian will be back at the CJC and is a part of the team, or as he calls it: The Brian Finch Crime Squad. #squadgoals

Is Piper going to stick around this time? Where’s Morra? Why hasn’t this show been renewed yet?

Now this is how you end a season!

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