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‘Limitless’ Recap ‘Close Encounters’

Published on March 8th, 2016 | Updated on June 7th, 2016 | By FanFest

Brian has 5 NZT pills in his stash.

He goes for a walk and finds himself at a shop that had just been robbed and is helping out the cops by deciphering what the shop owner is saying.

He then finds himself at the site of a murder. Is he avoiding someone? Hmmm maybe Rebecca?

Well he can’t avoid her forever, because she finds him walking down the road.

Blackout! The whole city goes dark.

Brian thinks the blackout is weather related. And that it could happen again. Rebecca joins him to go talk to the power plants, while Mike and Ike go pick up Rachel and the rest of the Finch clan. They are ordered to stay with the Finches until everything settles.

The plant worker says that the electricity is just disappearing into thin air. With a black light, he finds some organic material escaping the generator. Could this be a biological attack? That murder earlier? Yeah, the victim had that material on his hands.

Rebecca scolds Brian for his Intel but willingly follows him. They banter over his use of NZT. She thinks he might be abusing it.

At the dead security guard’s office, Brian finds blueprints for a building, is that related to the murder?

He is interrupted by a Hazmat team to put him and Rebecca into quarantine.

Rebecca and Brian are trapped in a bubble together. The CDC sends an astrophysicist to investigate the organic material. Aliens! It turns out it is a bacterium that is causing the blackout

Brian calls Boyle, telling him about the blueprints and the bacterium. When he hangs up, he sees a message on her phone. Rebecca admits that she had his place searched for spare NZT pills. She thinks that he is an addict and hiding pills, which he isn’t denying, but he claims that she is addicted to using him to solve cases. She got him into this mess and now she broke his trust…

The CDC proves that the bacterium feeds only on electricity and that they are free to go.

Back at the Finch home, Rachel admits to her mother that she saw Brian take something out of his record case and she took two NZT pills. She then goes to dad to ask about Brian. He won’t say anything. Everyone is worried about him.

Boyle tells Brian that he was right, there was a heist, and asks about what happened between him and Rebecca. Boyle goes to call the NSA and Rebecca tells Brian that he is getting a different handler. He’s working with Boyle now.

At the NSA Brian starts listening to phone calls. He brings the suspect list down to two: Marshall and Reed.

It turns out that Marshall is responsible for the bacteria, but nothing else. Both were giving a lecture the night the security guard died. Brian and Boyle go to find Marshall’s research assistant and evidence in the back of the EMT truck. Gotcha!

Brian is sad that he’s not working with Rebecca and goes home to see his parents.

They are upset with him. They don’t understand what the pills are and won’t listen to him.

His mother kicks him out and Mike takes his last two pills… Things are not looking good. Brian goes back to his place to find it ransacked. The only good news is that the power is back.

First Rebecca, now Rachel… Nothing he does is safe apparently… Poor Brian.

Ike confronts Rachel about the agent that was bleeding out at Brian’s place. Uh-oh. That can only lead to more trouble.

Brian doesn’t show up for work and Rebecca, concerned, goes to his office and finds a letter. In it, he tells her that he has some stuff to take care of and that he may or may not be back.

Where is he going? When will he be back? What happens if he runs out of NZT? What is going to happen when Mr. Sands is found? So many questions! See you all next week to see what happens when Brian and Piper reconnect!

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