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‘Limitless’ Recap ‘Bezgranichnyy’

Published on March 15th, 2016 | Updated on June 7th, 2016 | By FanFest

Let’s back up a little bit. Brian’s mother kicked him out of their house because of the NZT. She doesn’t want to understand or even
hear his side… A typical mother… Brian is last seen leaving his apartment to find Piper.

Road trip! To St. Petersburg, Russia. Brian is looking for Piper and pays some guy to find her for him.

4 shots later…

Brian is buzzed and is spilling his guts out to the man.

Another 3 shots…

He is now drunk and explaining what NZT is to a complete stranger.

Another 2 shots…

He is rambling on and on to the bartender. He is a hot mess with a lot on his mind.

Piper is alive! And in prison? At least she’s alive.

Brian has only 1 NZT pill worth of time to get to Piper and get her out.

He is debating on what tactics to use. Brute frontal attack= no go, corruption and bribery= possible.

Back at the FBI headquarters, Rebecca and Boyle are trying to find Brian. They know he went to Moscow, that’s about it. Mike and Ike call Rebecca down to the file room to tell her about the agent who was bleeding invBrian’s apartment.

Brian goes to see Maxim Lavrov to discuss the Iron Price, or the name he uses for the Game of Thrones forum. Brian called up George RR Martin for a favor (tell Maxim how it all ends) and in return, Maxim has to free Piper.

A mystery truck drops Brian off and in the middle of no where, where he meets up with Piper. He wants to leave immediately but she can’t
leave just yet. She has to finish the enzyme.

Piper has figured out the ingredients for the enzyme and she needs to break into Zukov’s home and steal this rare plant’s seeds. And Brian
is in luck, she has some extra NZT.

Rebecca arrives at the Finch home and she wants Rachel to describe the mystery agent. Papa Finch is not happy. He does not trust her and blames the FBI for Brian’s troubles.

Piper and Brian work on getting plans together for the heist. Between that and all the vodka Brian managed to email Rebecca to let her know he’s OK.

They find alias’ and Brian busks his way around Russia to acquire enough rubles to get them to the party.

Nas calls Rebecca into her office to question her vacation request. Rebecca begins to crumble as she explains why she needs to be the one to look for Brian. Papa Finch has gotten to her and she is worried about Brian. Vacation denied.

Brian and Piper fit right into character, right down to Brian drawing attention to himself, he’s very good at that, so that Piper can do her thing. But she doesn’t seem to fool Zukov’s bodyguard. He catches her stealing and they fight. Security is called and Brian is taken mid- song.

Brian was arrested as an enemy of the state. Maxim comes to visit him and yells at him for not leaving Russia.

Another mysterious truck drops him off in the middle of nowhere and again Piper is there waiting for him. She pretty much does the
same exact trick (well now Mr. Martin is blackmailing him) to get Maxim to release Brian. Isn’t that cute, she likes him too!

She wants to think about the future and wants to make “the now” better. Brian politely refuses and she vows to find him when the enzyme is

Mr. Sands gets a lovely picture of Brian and Piper on his phone… she’s supposed to be dead. Well she might be.

Rachel goes to see Rebecca and tell her everything. Rebecca puts two and two together and she gets Mr. Sands… Meanwhile, Brian calls her to tell her he’s coming back.

Bradley Cooper is back next week! I can’t wait!

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