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‘Limitless’ Recap ‘A Dog’s Breakfast’

Published on March 22nd, 2016 | Updated on June 7th, 2016 | By FanFest

Bradley Cooper is back!!!

And Brian is back at the FBI, but with some news rules:

He has a cubicle, more vigilant NZT monitoring, drug testing, random searches, a curfew, escorts, a dress code and no more headquarters!

One good thing to come of all of this: Rebecca is his handler again.

Rebecca and Boyle take Brian to see a murder case of Gordon Roper who has kidney disease. It reminds them of another case where the victim had his liver repossessed… ouch.

However, Roper’s kidney was 3D printed.

Brian’s new babysitter is there to take him home, supposedly. Mr. Y also works for Morra and takes him to a warehouse to meet Sands. He says that this is how it will be from now on. Under 24 hour surveillance.

Biosoma printed the kidney for Roper, so Rebecca, Boyle and Brian pay them a visit. Roper went to Costa Rico a month ago for the surgery and they have to wait to see if the transplant took.

In the midst of research, Brian gets a text with a bunch of mysterious numbers.

Nas and Rebecca bring up a suspect: Rohan Kumar. His DNA was found around the body and he flew out to Costa Rico around the time of Roper’s surgery.

Kumar’s DNA was there because he is a kidney donor. He needed money and wanted to help out someone out too. Fraud, organ trafficking, what could possibly go wrong? The Biosoma guy is arrested but that doesn’t solve why Roper was murdered.

Brian goes to get some donuts and a burn phone to contact Piper. She’s done with her project and wants to meet up.

The Bruntouchables are back as well!! They meet to figure out who could’ve had the motive to kill Roper. Via Venn diagram. Stavros volunteers for the mission by stabbing himself in the leg. What?!?

In order to meet up with Piper, Brian need to get rid of Mr. Y… but how? Who can resist pizza, especially pizza laced with some sleeping pills. And if that doesn’t soothe the soul, Enya always helps. It puts me to sleep without sleeping pills…

Brian is a bit late but so is Piper. He notices that someone is trailing him and leaves. It was only Sands but he doesn’t know that. Brian comes home to find Mr. Y gone and Piper’s bracelet with blood on it. What is going on!!!

Brian waits at his place and contemplates who hurt Piper. Top suspect is Morra, but the NZT is wearing off. Mr Y is still not back. Brian is slowly going insane.

Boyle is wondering about the secrets Rebecca is hiding from him. He wants to know what has changed since Brian got back from Russia. He reveals to her that he has an NZT pill. She tells him some bullshit answer but eventually caves. He thinks she needs to act even if it is just a smoking gun.

Nas offers to sit with Brian until a replacement babysitter is found.

OK where is Bradley Cooper? It’s been 45 minutes and nothing!

Stavros eventually found the guy who had contact with Roper’s wife and practiced shady medicine. She thought he would die soon and trusted that the kidney was 3D printed. She fed it to her dog? Weird.

And cue Bradley Cooper! Finally.

Brian apologizes to Morra and tells him her plan. He’s begging him to not kill Piper. Morra had no idea and reveals that Sands has gone rogue. He doesn’t work for Morra anymore…

Sands makes NZT now but Morra doesn’t seem concerned. He only seems worried about his speech.

“This fight, it’s not about who’s going to control this world, it’s about who’s going to build the next one.” – Morra.

Rebecca comes to visit Brian. She demands that he tells her what is going on between him and Morra… Uh-oh.

Will Rebecca believe Brian now that he was spotted with Senator Morra? What exactly is Mr. Sands planning and what did he do with
Piper? And when is the election so we can finally call him President Morra? The weekly mystery might have been solved but the overlaying
story keeps getting more and more complicated.

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