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‘Limitless’ Recap ‘This is Your Brian on Drugs’

Published on December 15th, 2015 | Updated on June 7th, 2016 | By FanFest

Mike and Ike

Mike and Ike are going about their day and Brian keeps calling for him to do frivolous tasks, like pick up cat food and records. Brian’s constant calling is starting to get to them. Ike is breaking out in a rash and ordered to try meditation and Mike has a countdown: only 229 more days and they can have permanent spots in the CJC. Well that’s not guaranteed for Ike.

They go to fetch Brian’s NZT but someone has broken into the dispensary and Evelyn has been shot. Mike finds the guy and they pull out their guns. Noticing that Mike forgot to take the safety off, Ike jumps in front of him and gets shot in the chest.


Harris is talking to herself in the mirror, she is pumping herself up for break up with Rooks. She doesn’t follow through.

The next morning she gets a call from Ike alerting her of the robbery.

When she gets to HQ, Mike is beating himself up over this. Ike is still in surgery.

“The least you can do is call him by his real name.”- Mike.

Brian searches social media to try to track down the thieves. She makes some phone calls and finds out that the thieves had French accents and were from Michigan.

Harris and Rooks fly out to Battle Creek Michigan to intercept them. Rooks starts asking about what drug Brian is taking, and states that
they need to be honest with each other. So she tries again. She almost breaks up with him when they get the call to move in. They find a bunch of NZT in the trunk.

Back at HQ, Brian gives Harris advice on how to break up with Rooks. But she already did via text.

80 NZT pills are still missing and Naz thinks that someone from the mission took them. And during the meeting, Rooks gets Harris’s text. Awkward. Rooks gets filled in on what NZT actually is.


Rooks confronts Harris about her text and is relieved to hear the truth.

Some SWAT members have the pills. They want to take them to see what happens.

“I want to be a superhero” – Kevin

Upset over Harris, Rooks agrees that they take one pill each to see what it is like to be Brian. They go and have the best guy’s night ever!

That is until one of the guys, Nick finds out, with the help of NZT, that his wife is cheating on him with Russ, another team member. He calls
Rooks to tell him that he strangled Russ. Nick asks Rooks to help him cover it up.

Feeling crappy, Rooks takes another pill. The other guys meet and decide to pin the whole idea on Russ, he stole the pills.

Brian starts mapping strange occurrences that suggests NZT use. He goes to Rooks and has a picture of a man scaling a wall in FBI boots. He suggests the thief was one of them and that plays right into Rooks’ plan. Naz calls Rooks into her office.


Is singing and mopping the bathroom.


Brian and Mike visit Ike in the hospital and plays his favorite song. Brian tells Mike that he is done giving them meaningless tasks. He also tells Mike about his findings. Mike finds the photos of a guy climbing the wall.

When Rooks goes to tell Nas about Russ, Brian looks at what Rooks was working on and realizes that he isn’t the only one on NZT.

Brian tells Harris about Rooks and speak of the devil, Rooks walks in a demands Harris’s gun. He threatens her with his own. He takes them hostage but not before Harris gets word out and the whole facility is on lockdown. Rooks, Kevin and Nick panic. Harris tells them she can
disable the lockdown so they all don gas masks and head upstairs.

They were so close! Boyle stops Nick and Kevin but Rooks puts his gun to Brian’s head.


Boyle was leaving to go take care of his mother when Brian texts him to get a gas mask.

But he’s not taking chances. Boyle shoots and kills Rooks.

Was that the right call? Boyle thinks so but Brian believes that there was another way out. When Boyle took his shot, Rooks lowered his gun, he never planned on shooting Brian. Upset about the whole situation, Boyle pockets some NZT he finds.


Ike has a real name? Well he is awake and doing just fine.

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