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Liam Neeson may not be Retiring From Action Films Just Yet

Published on September 24th, 2017 | Updated on September 24th, 2017 | By FanFest

Just days ago, Liam Neeson broke the hearts of fans across the world when he said he was soon to be retiring from action films. It just doesn’t seem right to consider a world of kick-ass movies without Neeson in them. We mean, who else has that particular set of skills that can take down entire groups of very very VERY bad men who try to take the women he loves?

No one, that’s who. So it really did shake fans when he announced that his age was a factor in his decision to step away from action films forever, however, the way in which he did it didn’t feel final. It was something brought up during an interview

He’s since thought about that decision and about the shape he’s in and he doesn’t think it suits him after all – and we couldn’t be more grateful.

‘I was promoting the film in Toronto last week and somebody asked me about action movies and I was just in one of those moods and I said, ‘Come on guys, I’m 65!’ (However) When I was in the gym this morning, I thought, you know, I’ve got two more years left.’

If you’re missing seeing Neeson on the big screen, fear not, he’s got two movies set to be released in 2018 already finished, titled The Commuter and Hard Powder. In addition, considering that follow-up statement on the Today Show, well, we’re convinced he’ll have more for us to see very soon.

So, to any bad dudes thinking they’d be getting out of coming face to face with Neeson, well…


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