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Let’s Swim! Man Catches 8 ft Bull Shark!

According to ABC NY, TJ Minutillo, 21, of Manhasset, reeled in an eight foot bull shark at Nickerson Beach in Nassau County, New York.

He said he caught the shark using a Sea Robin Fly and hooked it right after sunset on Saturday, July 18. Then, he engaged in a two and a half hours long battle with the 8-foot-long beast, before reeling it in with the help of his friends.

“I’ve been doing a lot of land based shark fishing for five or six years,” Minutillo said. “We hooked a bull shark and not a sandbar or sand tiger.”

After posing for a series of photos, with both of the shark and Minutillo exhausted, he took the hook out with a pair of pliers and let it go.

“I didn’t know the regulations on it,” he said. “It wouldn’t have been worth it to me, so I threw it back, catch and release, it’s sport fishing.”

The shark was confirmed by environmentalists to be a bull shark which they estimate weighed 300-400 pounds.

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Sources: ABC NY and NBC NY

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