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Legion “Chapter 15” Preview

Published on May 15th, 2018 | Updated on May 16th, 2018 | By FanFest

It looks like things are about to heat up heading into the newest episode of Legion. After one really strong episode that focused on the return of a character and another stellar episode that explored character through their processing of grief, it appears that Legion is now ready to attack the season two narrative head-on. There have been some who have been frustrated with the pacing of this season and while I understand that frustration I don’t agree. Legion has never tried to be a typical superhero show. Hell, it never tried to be a typical television show. I’m sure the plot threads of these last two episodes could have been condensed into one episode but that’s not Legion. That’s not why we’re watching. Each moment in each of these episodes is important and is sure to have an impact on the back half of this season. Obviously, Lenny taking David’s sister’s body has an immediate impact but there’s more that branches out from it. For starters, we got to get an idea of how powerful David is as in his grief he created multiple different timelines in the hopes of saving his sister’s life. That’s something we haven’t seen before and adds a new depth to this season’s main issue.


How do we know that Future Syd is actually from the future? Is it at all possible that Future Syd is from a timeline that David created in his grief? Is David powerful enough to make the realities he creates physically real and not just mazes inside his mind? If so, how many different timelines are there right now?! Future Syd seems to have a pretty awful one but is it possible that there’s one that is less sucky? That’s the thing, we have no true idea on just how powerful David is and these episodes that aren’t moving the plot along are taking the time to give us a better idea of what David can do while also making us question what he can’t do. One of the main themes of this season has been navigating the maze, but in the case of David, what happens if you’re navigation creates an endless supply of mazes for the world to navigate?

Outside of David’s powers though we have the very real problem of his rage. The last time we see him he’s being cradled by Lenny, who is wearing his sister’s body which adds a new perverse dynamic to the scene, but you can rest assured that David may be having a change of heart when it comes to the agreement with Farouk. All season long David has been aiding the Shadow King, Lenny, and Oliver in their quest to find Farouk’s body first. Future Syd has been pleading with David to do so and has heavily implied that the fate of her future depends on it. What if David is unable to move past what happened to his sister? That would make Farouk public enemy number one almost guaranteeing Future Syd’s future.

I still believe that David is the threat that Future Syd is trying to prevent and seeing him in last week’s episode and watching his power on display I can understand why she would want him stopped. If David loses control, not only of his power but his mind, he seems like he could be unstoppable. What world stands a chance if that happens?

Elsewhere we have to wonder if Lenny will feel remorse for stealing Amy’s body and if that could make her an ally of Division III and David. We know that she’s still working for the Shadow King but can she be flipped? Even though he’s been cured of the teeth chattering virus it seems that there is something slowly infiltrating Ptonomy’s mind. Could this be something new from the Shadow King in the hopes of taking down Division III? What’s the mindset of Syd since she’s been freed from her mental prison? More importantly, no one trusts Division III, right?

Lots of moving threads going into “Chapter 15” but I fully expect Legion to start picking up the pace of the narrative. How about you Geeklings, what are you expecting from tonight’s episode? Sound off in the comments below and if you’d like to talk more Legion with yours truly than you can find me on Twitter @iamgeek32. See everyone back here tomorrow with the review. Remember to question everything!


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