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Legion “Chapter 11” Preview

Published on April 17th, 2018 | Updated on April 17th, 2018 | By FanFest

It’s Tuesday so that can only mean one thing… time to have our minds melted with a brand new episode of Legion! Oh, happiest of happy days. Last week’s episode gave us a lot of information to process concerning the Shadow King, Future Syd, a monk, and where David’s alliances in all this lie. While the episode didn’t bring us any closer to finding the Shadow King’s body the information we were given was so vital to the future of this season that I didn’t even mind. It’s hard to be bored when watching Legion.

We now know that David is working with Oliver, Lenny, and Farouk in the pursuit of a missing body because Future Syd told him to. I still believe that Future Syd is withholding some important information, like the danger in the future is David, and I’m not fully sold on trusting her. From what we’ve seen of her she appears to be apprehensive around David, almost afraid, and isn’t used to seeing him the way he is. Happy and maybe not killing everyone she knows? It’s clear that Future Syd knows some things and I’m starting to wonder if her asking David to aid Farouk in the pursuit of his body hunt isn’t to prevent the future but maybe to kill David. If Farouk gets his body one would have to believe he’s going to be all types of powerful, and maybe he’ll use that power to destroy David. David’s death would then prevent Future Syd’s future. It would be a very dark path to travel considering the present Syd is so in love with David. My running theory is that the killing of the Shadow King drives David mad and his madness makes him lose control of his abilities causing this bleak future that Future Syd currently lives in. Naturally, the best move is to have David taken off the board, but is the Shadow King a better option? Things to chew on.

Staying with this complex circle present day Syd now knows about Future Syd, because David trusts her, and thinks David should listen to her. Oh, the tangled web this show weaves. On top of that David and Farouk have an agreement as long as Farouk stops killing (something he reluctantly agreed to). Now all they have to do is find this monk who seems to be hanging out with the chatter virus victims in Division III. Just what answers does this monk hold, if any? We know his order was responsible for hiding the body of the Shadow King after he was defeated. Is he the last of his kind? Will he willingly help Farouk get his bod back?

Now on top of that Lenny wants out. She wants to live her life again in a new body and be free of the grip of the Shadow King. Could she be trying to strike a secret alliance with David in the hopes of procuring this freedom? Is it possible to do something like that without the Shadow King knowing?

LEGION — Pictured: Dan Stevens as David Haller. CR: Matthias Clamer/

Then add in the fact that Division III does not trust David at all and are looking to prove that he is indeed working with the Shadow King. Can Syd keep this a secret? What will the other Summerland folks think when they hear David is working against them?

Speaking of the other Summerland folks, is anyone else a little nervous for Cary and Kerry? Will they be able to right side in themselves or will being the external one rapidly age Kerry?

Ahhhhh, there’s so much to ponder. This isn’t even taking in account the magnificent visuals and random dance numbers. Man, I love this show.

How about you Geeklings, what are you anticipating for tonight’s episode? Will the monk willingly take David and gang to where the body is? Can Future Syd really be trusted? Could David become a monster? Will Lenny get her indepence? Sound off in the comments. If you’d like to discuss more Legion, and I can seriously talk about this show for hours, look for me on Twitter @iamgeek32. See everyone tomorrow with the episode review. Question your reality!


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