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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Will Mention That Heartbreaking ‘Arrow’ Death

Published on August 1st, 2018 | Updated on August 1st, 2018 | By FanFest

Legends of Tomorrow Will Mention That Heartbreaking Arrow Death

The Season 6 finale of Arrow delivered a punch to the heart as fan-favorite Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne) drew his final breath. Sara arrived a moment too late, missing her chance to say goodbye, and during San Diego Comic Con, actress Caity Lotz addressed Quentin’s passing, saying that it will be referenced on Legends of Tomorrow, but in a small capacity.

Quentin took a bullet for the doppelgänger of his daughter, Laurel, and died from complications during surgery. Black Siren called Sara to the hospital, marking the first time Sara interacted with her sister’s evil look-alike. It’s only natural that Quentin’s death will carry into Legends as Sara has once more lost a family member. “Why does everything that [Sara] loves die?” Lotz joked.

Unfortunately, it is complicated mixing the tragic material in with the comedy of Legends, and according to Lotz, most of Sara’s grieving will take place before the season starts. Sara is in a completely different place from when Laurel died. She’s captain of the Waverider and has created a family of her own, but losing her father will certainly take it’s toll.

Lotz comments that Sara will face new challenges this season as she has a reason to look to the future.

“This season, Sara finally is starting to build a life that has some meaning. Like, she has something to live for now. Before, it was always like she had nothing to lose. And now, all of the sudden, she’s got this hot chick she’s really in love with, making some future plans. And that’s not easy when you’re on a time ship.”

Season 4 of Legends of Tomorrow airs Monday, October 22, on The CW.


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