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‘Legends of Tomorrow’: The “Misfits” Are Back in New Trailer for Season 4

Published on September 26th, 2018 | Updated on September 26th, 2018 | By FanFest

Legends of Tomorrow: The “Misfits” Are Back in New Trailer for Season 4

We are four weeks from the return of our favorite superheros, and the CW is celebrating with the release of a brand new trailer for Season 4 of Legends of Tomorrow, which shows what hijinks are in store for the “misfits” of the Waverider.

Well, looks like we are in for even more craziness than previous seasons as the trailer features clips from a Salem witch trial (not again, Sara), a unicorn crashing Woodstock, a fairy godmother, the Beatles, and Gary temporarily joining the Legends? Nothing can ever be easy, can it?

In order to defeat Mallus, the Legends had to open the prison keeping him in the spirit world, but in doing so, they opened the door for other mythical beings to find their way into the real world. Now, with the help of John Constantine, the Legends will travel through time cleaning up their newest mess, who they are calling “Fugitives.”

As the trailer suggests, there has been a roster change-up coming into Season 4, with several actors being bumped up to series regulars, including Matt Ryan (John Constantine), Jess Macallan (Ava Sharpe), and Courtney Ford (Nora Darhk). Keiynan Lonsdale, who played Wally West/Kid Flash on The Flash and Legends, announced that he would not be returning to the Arrowverse as a series regular this season. Newcomers to Legends include Ramona Young (Alaska Yu) and Tom Wilson (Hank Heywood).

Season 4 of Legends of Tomorrow kicks off Monday, October 22, on The CW.


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