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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap ‘Zari’

Published on October 25th, 2017 | Updated on October 25th, 2017 | By FanFest

Legends of Tomorrow Recap ‘Zari’

The Legends are off to 2042 when they intercept a distress call from our favorite Time Bureau nerd Gary. He explains that there was evidence of unauthorized time travel, but when he saw the target murder a bunch of people, he panicked. The Legends decide that they will stop this assassin, Kuasa, by protecting her intended target, a hacktivist named Zari.

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They enter a world under the rule of Argus. As it turns out, it is now illegal to be a metahuman and anyone identified as one by Argus tech is arrested and taken to a testing facility. When the Legends track Zari down, she leaves them at the mercy of Argus. But the goons aren’t anything Sara, Rory, and Ray can’t handle. They once more go after Zari, finding her at a bar. Mick tries talking to her, saying that they are just here to help. That’s when Kuasa appears. And she is quite the foe. She even bested Sara in a fight. Aboard the time ship, Zari agrees to be used as bait in order to apprehend Kuasa as long as the Legends do her a favor in return. Her brother is being held by Argus and she wants to rescue him (cue Prison Break joke from Mick). Sara, Ray, Jax, and Mick accompany Zari to the facility.

Back on the Waverider, Stein has been running tests on Amaya to see if they can find a cause for the totem’s heightening power. Nothing biologically is wrong with her. Nate has a crazy idea to take a powerful hallucinogen that is used to go on spirit quests. Amaya begrudgingly agrees. Much to her surprise, it works and she talks to one of her ancestors, who tells Amaya that she needs to walk with her totem and not be afraid of the power. The reason it is growing more powerful is to match the growing power of an evil force. The woman also tells Amaya to protect the girl.

At the Argus prison, Jax and Ray see that they are running running experiments and torturing metahumans so instead of just opening the door to Zari’s brother’s cell, they open all the doors. Only problem is that Zari lied to them. This isn’t a prison break, it’s a theft. Zari uses the confusion to take back a necklace that belonged to her recently deceased brother. She summons the power of the wind and flies off. Ray chases after her.

Back on the Waverider, they receive a transmission from the Time Bureau as the massive time ship appears above the Waverider. Ava demands that the Legends stand down because they have once more just made things worse. They will handle Kuasa. That’s when Ray sends a distress call. Kuasa has found him and Zari. Sara tries to go after him, but Ava is done with the Legends. She fires a warning shot, then asks for Ray’s coordinates. Instead, Sara flies off. They are chased through the time-stream, taking heavy damage. Sara dispatches Jax, Amaya, and Mick in the drop ship to save Ray and Zari. The ship is about to be blown to pieces when Sara turns it around and flies directly toward the Bureau ship. It’s a game of chicken and at the last moment, the Bureau time hops away. Later, Sara receives a message from Ava who delivers an ultimatum. If she ever finds the Legends again, they will be exiled.

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Kuasa is about to drown Ray using her water powers when Zari says that she is the one Kuasa wants. A fight breaks out between them when Zari refuses to go quietly with Kuasa. Zari is saved by the arrival of the Legends. Amaya then steps forward, challenging Kuasa. She easily deflects on of Kuasa’s attacks, then knocks her back with a powerful hit. Kuasa says that she would kill Amaya if she could, but it would also mean her death. She pulls out a black stone and disappears.

The Legends are going to return Zari to her normal place in the time stream, but Amaya has another idea. She recognizes that the necklace Zari has is another totem. The two of them have been dragged together by fate. Zari agrees to join the Legends.

The final scene of the episode is a young Ray Palmer running from some bullies. He ends up in a sewer pipe where he makes a new friend in some strange creature that we never get to see. So we have that to look forward to next week.

This episode had a great balance between the comedy of Nate’s hallucinations and the seriousness of the looming Mallus threat. Kuasa was after Zari’s totem, but made no move against Amaya, which could be something significant. Obviously, she couldn’t kill her, but she could steal the totem at least. Does that mean that Amaya is somehow already connected to Mallus? The team doesn’t yet know who Kuasa is, so it will be interesting for Amaya once she learns the truth. There’s also the woman’s message. We’re assuming she meant Zari, but could it also have been about Kuasa?

I’m excited to welcome Zari to the Legends and I think that she’s a great addition to the team. She doesn’t consider herself a superhero, but neither is Mick. Zari and Sara got off on the wrong foot so there is probably going to be lots of tension between the two of them moving forward. In the end, I think she’s going to be a great asset. Plus, we’re getting to see some different powers.

The special effects this week were on point and I think that the water effects when Kuasa appears and disappears were incredibly well done.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Phone Home.’

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