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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap ‘Witch Hunt’

Legends of Tomorrow Recap ‘Witch Hunt’

After Ray retools the time seismograph to detect magic anomalies, the Legends are alerted to their new mission. They find themselves in Salem, Massachusetts, during the height of the witch trials. Sara, Ray, and Zari witness the villagers condemning Jane Hawthorne for being a witch. She is bound and gagged and about to be taken away when a murder of crows attacks the villagers. Aboard the Waverider, John Constantine has decided to join up with the team, but as a consultant. His requirements for coming aboard includes no costumes, benefits, and two weeks paid vacation. Sara agrees only because they need his help. The team realizes that it’s not Jane who is the witch because magic is verbal and the woman was gagged. They instead zone in on Jane’s daughter, Prudence. When they find Prudence, they realize the truth of the matter. A fairy godmother has attached herself to Prudence. The only way to send the vengeful fairy back to where she came from is if Prudence renounces her, which isn’t going to happen easily.

Meanwhile, Nate is taking some time off from the Legends to reconnect with his father, but things aren’t going well. Henry Heywood still doesn’t believe in Nate’s chosen career path, thinking it ridiculous, and saying as much. Later, Ava finds Nate squatting at the Time Bureau. He says he needs a place to sleep because he can’t afford a hotel. Nate asks why Ava is working so late and she says that she has a budget meeting tomorrow and isn’t so good at “schmoozing” big-wigs. Nate agrees to help, but it turns out the man they need to schmooze is Henry. Gary goes into the meeting in Nate’s stead and things go terribly. Henry demands proof of magic or the Bureau is done. Luckily, Prudence leads a break-out from the Waverider, which involves the fairy godmother turning Ray and Mick into pigs. Nate brings Ray to his father to prove that magic exists, but, of course, Ray doesn’t just turn back into a human right away.

'Legends of Tomorrow' Recap 'Witch Hunt'
Legends of Tomorrow/The CW

Zari is upset with Sara because, according to the timeline, they can’t save Jane. She is destined to die. Zari made a promise to Prudence, and she intends to keep it. Zari breaks into the prison to release Jane, but she refuses to leave. Despite being wrongfully accused and imprisoned, Jane chooses to forgive those that have wronged her. At Jane’s trial, Zari looses control and attacks the villagers. Her anger almost leads her to killing several people by sucking the air from their lungs. She realizes what she is doing and stops, allowing the villagers to detain her for being a witch as well. She and Jane are to be burned at the stake. Sara comes to their rescue and that’s when Prudence and the fairy arrive. Zari tries to talk Prudence out of her revenge, saying that hate isn’t the answer. The fairy godmother asks Zari if the future changes, if things are really better years from now. Zari says that the same types of things are still happening. People choose to fear what they don’t understand, but that doesn’t mean you should fight hate with hate. Zari gets through to Prudence and she releases the fairy from their bond. John detains the fairy and Salem is saved. At the Time Bureau, Ray turns back into a human, which is proof of magic. They get their funding and Nate can finally tell his father the whole truth. Henry believes him and is actually proud. Ava then offers Nate a position at the Bureau and Nate accepts.

Sara calls Zari into her study, but not to berate her for going against her command. She instead tells Zari that she understands what she is feeling. Sara has has the same urges to use time to save the people she loves. She also says that Zari can’t keep her anger buried down deep and needs to find some sort of outlet. Sara is there for her if she ever needs to talk or let off some steam. John takes the fairy to banish her back to Hell, but instead tries to make a deal with her. He needs a miracle to save him from the demon that is pursuing him. The fairy laughs at John, saying she would rather be in Hell than fight against what is to come. John sends her away.

There was a lot of good character moments in this episode, with Zari and Nate being focal points. I’m glad that we’re getting more from her because we didn’t have too much deep character development from her last season besides the time loop episode. John’s interactions with the Legends this week were fantastic and hilarious. He and Mick are going to continue to pick at annoy the heck out of each other and I can’t wait.

'Legends of Tomorrow' Recap 'Witch Hunt'
Legends of Tomorrow/The CW

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Dancing Queen.’