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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap ‘Turncoat’

Published on February 8th, 2017 | Updated on February 8th, 2017 | By FanFest

Legends of Tomorrow Recap ‘Turncoat’

Last week, the Legion of Doom managed to find Rip’s lost memories and returned them to him, but not before Eobard had a little bit of fun. He scrambles Rip’s brain and turns him evil, then sends him back to 1776 where he murders George Washington. A Time Quake alerts the Legends and they realize that this is just like Chicago. The Legion is baiting them so they can get their hands on the Spear piece.

The Legends have to go though, and Sara gives everyone their assignments for saving Washington. They crash a party and try to get him out, but everything goes wrong when Rip shows up. He has a device that emits an EMP blast, causing the Waverider to shut down, Firestorm unable to fuse together, and Ray unable to come out of his miniature state. Sara and Mick get Washington out of the house, but come face to face with their former captain. Rip shoots Sara then takes Mick and Washington.

Nate and Amaya get Sara back to the Waverider, but with no Gideon, it’s up to Stein to operate on her and remove the bullet. Before she passes out, Sara tells Jax that he is in charge. Jax sends Amaya and Nate out to rescue Mick and Washington while he and Ray try to bring the Waverider back online. But Rip shows up with two of his men and break onto the ship.

Jax and Rip start a game of cat and mouse. Rip appeals to Jax, saying that if he gives up the Spear, they can save his father. Jax fakes compliance, knocking Rip out. When Rip comes to, he heads to the med bay, where Stein has managed to remove the bullet. He attacks Stein. Jax appears and Rip has Sara by the throat. He demands that Jax tell him where the piece is, or he’ll kill her. Jax appeals to Rip, saying that he would never do this to Sara. Rip scoffs and says that there is no part of him that cares for her. Jax tells him where the Spear is, but Rip breaks Sara’s neck.

At the British camp, Mick and Washington are told that the general will die in the morning and Mick will relay the news to the rebellion. Mick wants to fight back and escape, but Washington has just about accepted the inevitable. He asks Mick to deliver a letter to Martha. They are rescued by Nate and Amaya and return Washington to his post. Washington thanks Mick for everything he did for him.

Rip gets the piece of the Spear and heads off the ship. Jax goes after him. He holds Rip at gunpoint, but the former captain doesn’t think Jax has it in him. He gives him a clean shot. Jax is about to pull the trigger when Sara appears. Ray managed to get the Waverider back online and Gideon was able to bring Sara back to life. Jax yells at Sara for trying to save Rip’s life, but Sara says she is stopping Jax because she doesn’t want him to go down that dark path. Jax lowers the gun and Rip escapes.

The Legends suffered several losses the week, but Sara still delivers a pep talk as the Legends celebrate Christmas. They did manage to restore the timeline and save America, so that’s a pretty big win. Despite everything, she is determined to get Rip back. She says that they have something the Legion does not, each other. They are a family.

This was a good episode, full of intense moments. I’m glad that Jax has a big role to play this week as he has kind of taken a backseat the past couple of episodes. He is smart and capable, and really showed that he is a leader. Franz Drameh, Caity Lotz, Arthur Darvill, and Dominic Purcell really delivered this week. Rip was so evil!

With only six episodes left this season, I wonder how the Legends will be able to stop the Legion and get Rip back.

Legends of Tomorrow takes a break next week and returns February 21st with the episode, ‘Camelot/3000.’

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