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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap ‘Outlaw Country’

Published on November 18th, 2016 | Updated on November 18th, 2016 | By FanFest

Legends of Tomorrow Recap ‘Outlaw Country’

A man from the future is in 1827 using technology in order to locate something when he is found by Quentin Turnbull. He pleads for his life, saying the will help Turnbull, but he is shot anyway. Turnbull takes the future tech.

This sets off a time quake that alerts the team. They instantly set off to 1827. Heywood is especially excited at the opportunity to be a real life cowboy and acts a lot like Ray did last season when the team traveled to the Old West. They arrive to find their old friend Jonah Hex about to be executed. Heywood goes out to save him on his own and does an okay job, but it is up to Sara to shoot the rope Hex is dangling from. Hex isn’t too terribly happy to see the Legends because he knows that means something is wrong. Back on the Waverider they learn that Turnbull rises to power and essentially rules over the western part of the United States, calling it Turnbull Country.

The Legends, minus Stein because he is having headaches, go back out to learn more of Turnbull’s plan. Jax, Heywood, and Ray are sent to gain more information as tax collectors, while Sara, Mick, Amaya, and Hex seek out Turnbull. Mick is supposed to be starting a fight in Turnbull’s saloon to draw him out, but he and Turnbull just end up becoming friends. Outside the saloon, Sara tries to keep Hex from interfering, but he doesn’t respect her authority since she’s a woman. Once they learn Mick isn’t doing his job, Hex barges into the saloon and starts a fight. The other half of the team arrives as the fight moves outside. Turnbull turns his gun on Mick and shoots. Heywood jumps in the way, going steel, but the bullet pierces him anyway. They are forced to retreat.

Jax, Heywood, and Ray discovered that Turnbull has access to a massive piece of dwarf star. That’s what his bullet was made out of and why it was able to pierce Heywood’s steel. It’s the most powerful compound and a small piece of it is what powered Ray’s Atom suit. With that much of the star, Turnbull will be able to power the entire west. The Legends have to figure out a way to stop the spread of the compound as there is a shipment heading out on a train.

Hex reveals to Sara why he and Turnbull are at odds. He led a rebellion against the villain, which resulted in Hex and a group of townspeople being locked inside a burning building. Eleven died and Hex was left with the scars on his face. Sara says that they will help him take down Turnbull, but he needs to start listening to her. She tells him about Damien Darhk and how she wants to get her revenge, but knows that it will cause damage to the timeline she won’t be able to control. Sara wants to help Hex get his revenge, but they have to do it the correct way.

With a little more respect toward Sara, Hex follows her plan. Sara disguises herself as a man and leads a shackled Hex into Turnbull’s camp. Mick and Amaya take a load of dynamite into the mines while Jax, Heywood, and Ray head off to intercept the train. Heywood goes steel, grabs hold of the front of the speeding train, and manages to bring it to a halt. Mick and Amaya blow up the mine, which causes a distraction for Sara and Hex. They take out some of Turnbull’s men, then Hex goes after Turnbull. Hex is going to kill him when he looks up at Sara. She doesn’t make any move to stop him, but she has a look in her eye that tells Hex to do the right thing. Hex knocks Turnbull unconscious and says that he will turn him over to the authorities.

The episode once again pairs off different Legends with each other and they all really worked. Ray and Heywood are dealing with their feeling of inadequacy together. Heywood thinks that the team still only wants to use him for his researching skills and wants to prove himself as a functioning member. That’s why he ended up shot. Ray is still without his suit, but the idea of getting the dwarf star rekindles his hope of being a hero again. If he could get some, he can built another Atom suit. At the end of the episode, Ray builds a different suit before working on his own. He presents it to Heywood and calls him Steel.

Mick and Amaya were an interesting combo. He admits to her that the rest of the team believes they have him on a leash, but they are wrong. He is an animal and doesn’t take orders from anyone (though I’m sure he respects Sara). Amaya tells him that beasts are not vicious by birth but by choice. Mick chooses to be wild, it doesn’t control him.

Sara and Hex’s interactions further proved her leadership ability as he didn’t want to take any orders from her. She is stern with him and doesn’t over-exert her authority. Sara is really learning what it means to be the Captain. Hex even tells her later that some men wouldn’t be able to handle the position. She is doing a better job than most. He finally calls her Captain Lance and they drink to their victory.

Stein has been having headaches and he admits to Jax that they are more than just that. He has starting having visions. There is a woman standing before him but he has no idea who she is. However, Stein feels that he should recognize her. He and Jax realize that by interfering with his younger self, Stein has changed his past. These visions are new memories being formed. Stein then realizes that he is in love with this new woman and that Clarissa may not even exist in his past anymore.

The episode ends with Sara calling the team together. They are headed back to 2016 in order to help out their friends. Cue the the crossover episode.

Legends of Tomorrow takes a break next week and returns with the finale of the four-way crossover event entitled ‘Invasion!’

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