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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap ‘Out of Time’

Published on October 14th, 2016 | Updated on October 14th, 2016 | By FanFest

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap Out of Time

Previously, on Legends of Tomorrow, our team was told not to set foot on the Waverider by Rex Tyler, a member of the Justice Society of America. The team ignores his warning that they will all die if they set out to police the timeline and go anyway. The opening scene of the episode is a man alluding security detail so he can meet with Oliver Queen. His name is Dr. Nate Heywood, and he calls himself a time detective. He has noticed slight variations in history that were caused by the Legends. Heywood then tells Oliver that the Waverider was at the source of a nuclear bomb explosion in 1942. They travel to the sunken ship and find only Mick on board. He is being kept alive by Gideon. They revive him and he recounts the story leading up to the explosion.

We begin in France where the team is trying to stop the assassination of King Louis the VIII. Naturally, nothing ever goes to plan and they reveal their true powers as they thwart the bad guys, who are using laser guns themselves. The Legends succeed in saving the king, but Rip is unsatisfied in how it was handled. They are about to set out and find their next time anomaly when the Waverider shakes. Rip tells them that it was a time quake due to a very large disturbance. Gideon shows them that New York has been destroyed by a nuclear bomb in 1942. Despite Rex’s warnings never to set foot there, the Legends head off to save New York.

Their goal is to kidnap Albert Einstein so that he can never make the bomb for the Nazis. However, Sara runs off on her own, saying that she has a relative in the FBI who might be able to help them. Rip instructs Ray to follow her as they suspect an ulterior motive. Sara is in fact searching for Damien Darhk. She believes that if she can kill him in the past, Laurel won’t die in the future. Ray stops her and they regroup with the rest of the team who have Einstein in tow thanks to a Stein’s mean right hook.

Unfortunately, the timeline has not changed. The Legends learn that Einstein’s ex-wife also knew how to construct the bomb and the Nazis recruited her. They quickly journey to the pier where the Nazis, led by Darhk, are about to load it onto a submarine so they can destroy New York. The Legends intervene, but Sara is reckless and goes after Darhk. Ray tries to disarm the nuke, but his suit goes haywire. The Legends are forced to retreat and the bomb makes it onto the sub. They follow it underwater and the decision is made by Rip to block the bomb’s direction with the Waverider. He had Jax make some adjustments to the ship that transports everyone but himself and Mick somewhere in time. Mick was injured on the pier and the trip would’ve killed him. Rip knocks him out and takes him to the med bay. The Waverider is struck by the bomb. Darhk is mad that his plan failed, but accepts that he needs to move on. He is then joined by Reverse-Flash, Eobard Thawne.

Back in 2016, Mick and Heywood set out to find the scattered Legends. Ray is running around with the dinosaurs, Jax and Stein are court magicians in the renaissance, and Sara is about to be burned for being a witch in Salem. The team now back together, they try to determine where Rip is. Unfortunately, there is no sign of the captain throughout time. There is a message for the Legends left by Rip that says a captain would never abandon his ship and he hopes to see them all again.

The Legends are about to make their way back to policing the timeline while also searching for Rip when they are stopped by the Justice Society of America. And what an entrance they made.

This was a great opener and really set up an interesting season. We know that the ones pulling the strings will be the Legion of Doom and two of those members are already putting their plan into motion. I am interested to see how Malcolm Merlyn and Leonard Snart join up with Darhk and Thawne. The Legends are all great together and I loved the mix of playfulness and seriousness. The showrunners have said that this will be a lighter season than the first.

All in all, I enjoyed the season premier and can’t wait for what else is to come. Next week’s episode is entitled ‘The Justice Society of America.’

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