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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap ‘Moonshot’

Published on March 15th, 2017 | Updated on March 15th, 2017 | By FanFest

Legends of Tomorrow Recap ‘Moonshot’

The last piece of the Spear was entrusted to Henry Heywood and the Legends track him down in 1970 where he is a member of the Apollo 13 mission control. He is not at all pleased to see Rip, angry at him for uprooting his life and pulling him away from his wife and son. He agrees to help the Legends, however, when they realize that there is a Time Aberration as the Apollo 13 flight is going perfectly fine. They believe that the Legion has interfered and are going to get to the Spear’s location on the moon first.

Stein, Jax, and Mick stay at NASA headquarters while the other head off to intercept Apollo 13. Ray goes aboard and finds Eobard Thawne, who has sedated the other crew members and is heading down to the moon in the landing module. Ray follows him and they get into a fight. Lucky for Ray, Eobard doesn’t have his speed in space, but unfortunately, their fight messed up the module and they are stranded on the moon. Ray ties Eobard up and goes for the Spear.

Meanwhile, the Waverider flies off to save Apollo 13, which was left to float aimlessly in space by Eobard. They manage to retrieve it, but are caught in an asteroid field. The Waverider sustains serious damage as Sara makes the call to use the ship as a shield to protect Apollo 13. Rip was against her decision.  They get Apollo 13 back on course and retrieve Ray and Eobard from the moon, but there is a great chance that the Waverider will not make it back to Earth.

With a little help from Eobard, the Legends prepare for re-entry, but they will never reach the angle they need unless they release some pressure. Henry sacrifices himself to open the bay doors and save the rest of the team (poor Nate). They survive and have the piece of the Spear in hand.

But as soon as they are in Earth’s atmosphere, Eobard’s powers return. Ray is waiting for him though. He has one of the speed suppression guns on Eobard, holding him long enough that Black Flash has his location. Ray says that Eobard won’t have enough time to search for the Spear if he wants to live. Eobard rushes off.

All of the pieces are accounted for, and the Legends have stopped the Legion for today. Eobard and Ray had a heart to heart while they were stranded on the moon where Eobard confessed why he wanted the Spear. He just wants to live. Eobard also appealed to Ray’s ambition of being a somebody, a hero. For a minute, I didn’t know what Ray was going to do. He lost everything that he cared about and his reason for joining the Legends was to matter. He has struggled with all of that this season. Eobard is a master manipulator and I think Ray knows that.

Sara and Rip clashed over the captaincy, but in the end, Rip admitted that Sara has done an exceptional job and actually turned them into a functioning team. He tells her that she is the true captain. Of course, now he doesn’t really know who he is without the Waverider. Sara gives him pretty much the same speech he gave them when the Legends were formed, telling him that he always has a place with them. I think the two of them would make great co-captains.

Nate struggled this week with keeping history intact over having his family. Henry wishes to return to his wife and son, but doing so would change the future. Amaya delivers the news to Henry that he can never go back. That impacts his decision in the end to sacrifice his life. Nate was angry at Amaya for telling Henry the truth and lets slip his own truth bomb. He tells her what happens to her in the future. The end of the episode finds Amaya looking at the articles of the attack on Zambesi. I really like Amaya and I wish that she would stick around, but I don’t think that’s going to be possible. Ray is right that she has a legacy to uphold and can’t remain on the Waverider forever. I just wonder if Nate will go with her when she finally has to leave.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Fellowship of the Spear.’

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