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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap ‘Freakshow’

Published on October 18th, 2017 | Updated on October 18th, 2017 | By FanFest

Legends of Tomorrow Recap ‘Freakshow’

We’re taking the circus to the circus in the latest episode of Legends of Tomorrow, but first, we learn exactly why Amaya left Nate and went back to 1942. While celebrating Nate’s birthday, Amaya sees a news clip about her granddaughter, Mari, taking on crime in Detroit. Amaya goes to Detroit to see Mari in action, then asks Rip why she hasn’t disappeared from time yet. Rip tells her that time was still in flux, but it was only a matter of time before Mari vanished. Amaya couldn’t let that happen, so she goes back to when she belongs.

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The Legends make use of their hijacked Time Bureau gear and start trying to figure out how they’re going to clean up their massive mess. The anachronisms are ranked based on difficulty, so the Legends decide to tackle a level 1 anachronism in 1870 that happens to be at P.T. Barnum’s Circus. They head off and find a saber tooth tiger. Ray, Nate, and Jax try to contain the tiger, but Ray’s new shrink ray doesn’t work quite right and ends up making the tiger bigger. Now the anachronism has been upgraded to a level 4.

Sara decides that the best way to stop the tiger is to convince Amaya to go on one last mission. Amaya is hesitant at first, but eventually agrees. Everyone except Nate is glad to see Amaya return. While Sara and Amaya handle the tiger situation, Nate takes Ray and Jax to a bar to drink away his feelings. They run into Barnum, who is lamenting that unless they make the show more exciting, they will be shut down. Nate, utterly drunk, gets into a bar fight and reveals that his skin turns to steel. Barnum is incredibly interested and Nate tells him that Ray can turn into a small person and Jax is a fire person. Barnum invites them back to his circus for a good time. Nate goes back to the Waverider, but Ray and Jax go with Barnum where they are taken hostage and forced to become a part of the show as conjoined twins.

Sara and Amaya successfully shrink the tiger and get it aboard the Waverider, where they find a passed out Nate and no Ray and Jax. The anachronism level has now been raised to a 7. They head to the circus in search of their comrades, but Sara runs into a familiar face. Gary from the Time Bureau. She knocks him out and takes him back to the ship, instructing Nate and Amaya to save Ray and Jax. The two are ambushed when they get to the circus and taken prisoner.

Sara has Gary tell Ava that the Legends have everything under control and that it was only because he was tailing them that the anachronism level keeps rising (which it is now at a 9). Sara, Mick, and Stein are about to go into the field to rescue the other four when Ava appears on the ship. Sara sends them ahead while she keeps Ava busy.

Sara and Ava have quite an intense battle, but they are interrupted by the tiger who’s time limit has expired and returns to its normal size. Ava tells Sara that she is placing all of the Legends under arrest as the anachronism level goes up to 9. She then reveals that Rip only agreed to let them keep the Waverider because of an approaching threat, but stops herself before she says any names. This piques Sara’s interest.

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At the circus, Nate asks Amaya why she left and she explains that it had nothing to do with him. She couldn’t tell him she was leaving or Nate would have followed her. That’s not what time dictates. They make up in time for Barnum to strap Nate to a wheel and force him to steel up by shooting at him. Nate is still a little hung over and hasn’t been able to access his powers, but when Barnum threatens Amaya, Nate is able to perform. Outside, all hell breaks loose as Mick and Stein try to create a diversion and save Ray and Jax. Firestorm is released, Mick punches out a bunch of clowns, and the crowd is absolutely loving it. Amaya looses control of her powers as she saves Nate. She is about to kill Barnum when Nate interferes, managing to calm her down. Somehow, they manged to reign in a terrible situation and leave 1870 anachronism free.

Ava still believes that they should be taken in, but she and Sara have a private conversation where Sara demands to know the truth behind the impending doom. Ava refuses to tell her, then departs.

Later, Amaya apologizes for losing control, telling the Legends that she has suddenly started having this problem when accessing her powers. She slaughtered a bunch of Belgian soldiers who threatened her people. Amaya was hoping that coming back to the team would help her clear her head and figure out what is going on. Naturally, they accept her aboard. Sara then tells them that there is something coming that even scares the Time Bureau. But she suddenly breaks down and starts laughing, the others following suit. They joke about what could possibly be worse than an immortal Egyptian priest and an evil speedster.

It might be a whole lot worse as the final scene shows a robed woman summoning Kuasa, Amaya’s other granddaughter who has the power of water, back from the dead. She tells Kuasa that Mallus has big plans for her.

Man, the Legends are a mess, but I love them. They always find some new way to screw things up, but they at least take responsibility for their actions. This episode definitely amped up the ridiculous. I am glad that Amaya is already back with the crew. I wonder if her heightened powers are a result of Mallus’ rising. It will certainly be interesting once she and Kuasa come face to face. I want to know who was under the hood and if it is someone that we already know.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Zari.’

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