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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap ‘Fellowship of the Spear’

Legends of Tomorrow Recap ‘Fellowship of the Spear’

The Legends are off to the Vanishing Point after Rip informs them that they can use the pieces of the Spear they have in order to locate those held by the Legion. They are holed up at the Vanishing Point because Eobard can escape time that way. The Legends get their hands on the remaining pieces before Eobard realizes they are there.

Now that all the pieces are together, they join to make the Spear. The question is, what do they do now? Rip tells them that there is no way to destroy it, otherwise he would have done so. It took a whole lot of effort to shatter the Spear because it is constantly trying to mend itself. However, Nate has an idea. He says that the Spear was created from Christ’s blood and it can be destroyed by Christ’s blood. Rip tells him that they cannot travel back to any point in time involving Jesus. Any sort of interference, no matter how small, could be catastrophic. So instead, they track down a scholar who believed that Sir Gawain didn’t come back from his crusade with the Holy Grail, he came back with the blood of Christ. They set off to France in the height of World War I to get information out of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien.

While on the battlefield in search of Tolkien, Mick is visited once more by Leonard. Mick tells Leonard he isn’t real, and he responds with a very real, very solid punch. Leonard and Mick talk about what the Legends plan to do with the Spear and how they are going to use Tolkien to find Gawain’s remains.

The Legends successfully extract Tolkien and find Gawain, but the Legion is waiting for them. Damien appears and brings with him Leonard. The Legion went back in time before Leonard was recruited by Rip and convince him to join their side. This way, he can rewrite his destiny with the Spear and not die. A fight breaks out, and Tolkien gets a map off of Gawain’s shield before the Legends flee.

On the Waverider, everyone is mad at Mick for telling Leonard their plan. He didn’t know that Leonard was actually real this time. There are all afraid that Mick is going to flip sides and hold him at arms length as they plan their next move. Unfortunately, they must travel back into the heart of the war to find the blood. Rip, Tolkien, Stein, and Ray will try and convince the two sides to call a ceasefire while the others (minus Jax) will go after the blood. The plan eventually works and the field team retrieve the vial blood, but Damien and Leonard appear.

Leonard asks Mick to hand over the Spear, saying that they can change everything. The Legends aren’t really his friends. They have only been using them. Mick gives in to the temptation and hands over the Spear. Then he, Leonard, and Damien are whisked away from the battlefield by Eobard as the fighting resumes. While escaping, Nate drops the vial of blood and it breaks.

Back on the Waverider, the team is defeated. Nate offers some bit of hope, saying that even though the Legion has the Spear, they may not know how to use it. But they have covered all of their bases. Malcolm appears with a book that is essentially a guide to using the Spear. He recited the incantation and they change reality.

This episode was really great. Both Mick and Amaya had a hard time this week. Amaya is struggling with the knowledge of the future, and being on the battlefield highlighted the hell that her ancestors will have to go through. It was especially sad when Mick asked Amaya to come with him. I think Mick does feel that the Legends are his friends. He has a pretty good relationship with all of them. I think the turning point for him was how quickly they all turned when they found out he told Leonard their plan.

This episode also did a good job of paying homage to Lord of the Rings. There were great moments that weaved in some of the more memorable aspects of the epic, including Rip’s speech to the two warring sides in his plea for a cease fire. It was so good. Arthur Darvill nailed it. Couldn’t help but laugh at Stein delivering the famous “One cannot simply” line.

Next week, everything will be different as the Legion succeeded in changing reality. I’m interested to see what has changed in the episode entitled ‘Doomworld.’

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