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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap ‘Doomworld’

Published on March 29th, 2017 | Updated on March 30th, 2017 | By FanFest

Legends of Tomorrow Recap ‘Doomworld’

Last week, the Legion of Doom got their hands on the Spear of Destiny thanks to Mick. Now, we open in Star City, 2017, where Sara and Amaya are chasing after a woman in a hood. They catch the vigilante and reveal Felicity Smoke. Sara and Amaya take her to the mayor of Star City, Damienn Darhk, where he has Sara kill her and then adds the mask to his trophy case of fallen heroes.

The Legion has re-written reality, but decided to have some fun with the Legends. Sara and Amaya work for Damien. Jax and Stein work for Eobard (Jax being Stein’s overly-aggressive manager). Ray is a janitor. Rip is perfecting his baking skills aboard a non-functioning Waverider. And Nate has a really bad haircut and lives in his mom’s basement. Mick is living like a king alongside Leonard. They have a free pass to do whatever they want in the city.

Nate appears at S.T.A.R. Labs to talk to Eobard, saying that reality is messed up. Eobard orders Leonard and Mick to kill him. They take Nate out to do the deed, but Mick ends up betraying Leonard. He and Nate make their escape. Leonard reports what happened to the other members of the Legion (minus Eobard) and Malcolm says that he told them to kill the Legends. He had also advised them to take away Mick’s memories. The others shake Malcolm off, saying there’s no way the other members of the team will remember. Leonard reveals that he put a tracker on Mick, so Damien sends Sara and Amaya out of kill him.

Luckily, Ray has been doing a bit of experimenting in his free time. When Nate and Mick show up to convince him that something is wrong with reality, he agrees that things have seemed off. He shows them his invention, which targets the hippocampus. Mick grabs it and uses it on Nate. It works. They use it on Ray right as Sara and Amaya appear. A fight breaks out and the men are just no match for them. They are about to be overpowered when they manage to use the device on Sara. Amaya flees.

The Legends next move is to get Amaya, Jax, and Stein back. Amaya will be the harder one as Sara will have to pretend to be her Doomworld self in order to get close to her. Damien senses that something is amiss and goads Sara into revealing that she got her memory back by talking about how he killed Laurel (I wanted to punch him too, Sara). Damien has his magic back and is about to have Amaya kill Sara when she uses the memory device on Amaya. The two of them escape.

Jax is pretty easy to get back and he tells them that Eobard has had them busy building him a machine. They realize that Eobard plans to incinerate the Spear, thereby making this reality permanent. The Legends don’t have a lot of time as Stein was finishing up it up that day. The team is about to set out when Sara tells Mick he can’t come with them. Despite the fact that he got the Legends back together, he still betrayed them and made this reality. Mick doesn’t take this well and goes to Damien, Malcolm, and Leonard, telling them about Eobard and the Legends’ moves.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Jax tries to get Stein to listen to him, but Stein has had enough of his abusive boss. He breaks the memory device and then hits the silent alarm. The other Legends appear, but the machine has already been activated. Eobard appears, Spear in hand. He is about to destroy it when the other members of the Legion show up. A fight breaks out and the Spear gets passed around until it finally ends up in Mick’s hands.

Leonard talks to his partner, saying to hand it over and they make their lives even better this time around. Amaya tells Mick that she still believes in him. Mick finally stands up to Leonard and kicks the Spear to Amaya. She picks it up and starts reciting the incantation when Leonard attacks. He completely freezes her, then shatters the ice. Eobard retrieves the fallen Spear and throws it into his machine, destroying it.

The Legends return to Nate’s mom’s basement, defeated. There’s nothing more they can do. This new reality can’t be changed. But then Nate has an idea. If they can find the Waverider, they can go back to the moment when the Legion got the Spear. Sara tells him that they are forbidden from interfering with themselves. But the Legends decide that it doesn’t matter and they don’t have any choice. All they have to do now is find Rip and the Waverider.

Luckily, Rip and Gideon got the Waverider back online. Only problem, the time ship is a model on a desk in S.T.A.R. Labs. I liked that little twist at the end.

I always love when we get to see a different version of our favorite characters, and this episode was no exception. Sara and Amaya kicked butt as usual, though it was sad to see vigilante Felicity get taken out so quickly. Jax was really scary and I think I would’ve reacted like Stein to having some weird device pointed at me by my psycho boss.

I was not expecting Amaya to die. Honestly, I was thinking that Mick would take one for the Legends and be killed by Leonard (who I am currently very mad at).

There’s a lot that needs to happen in next week’s season finale. Reality is once more on the line and the Legends will stop at nothing to make it right.

Legends of Tomorrow ends its second season with the episode titled ‘Aruba.’

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