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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap ‘Compromised’

Published on November 11th, 2016 | Updated on November 11th, 2016 | By FanFest

Legends of Tomorrow Recap ‘Compromised’

The Legends are off to 1987 when they predict a time quake following President Reagan and General Secretary Gorbachev’s signing of the INF treaty, which ultimately leads to the end of the Cold War. Knowing when it is going to happen, the team infiltrates the White House to gain information. Unfortunately, Damien Darhk is there and working as the President’s main advisor. Sara ignores her team and goes after Darhk. Everything falls to pieces and the team is forced to flee.

While the rest of the team is at the White House, Amaya and Heywood go to the training facility of the JSA, thinking that they might be able to get some help. When they get there, they find the place abandoned. They are then attacked by Obsidian. Before he is knocked out by Heywood, the aged hero tells Amaya that she abandoned the JSA. When he finally comes to, he tells Amaya about the downfall of the JSA. She blames herself, saying that she was so focused on finding Rex’s killer that she didn’t think to inform the rest of the team. We then learn that Amaya and Rex were in love and planning to leave the JSA to start a life together.

Sara and Stein are at odds. Stein knows how much Sara wants revenge for Laurel’s death, but knows that killing Darhk now would have drastic consequences. Sara shuts Stein down by claiming that he has never cared for anything in his life.

Mick and Ray are sent to tail Darhk. The two have been trying to work on Ray becoming the new Captain Cold, and so far, it hasn’t been going well. Mick admits that he wanted Ray to be like Leonard, but now he doesn’t because it is bringing up feelings. He tells Ray to be himself, only Ray doesn’t know who that is anymore. Since he lost his suit, he is stuck in this existential crisis. Darhk is meeting with a member of Gorbachev’s team and the Legends learn that Darhk isn’t planning to interfere with the signing of the treaty like they though. Instead, there is a separate deal going down during the State Dinner. But then, a young Martin Stein appears, approaching Darhk. He recognizes that there is a deal going down and ends up getting stabbed, which effects the Stein on the ship. Mick and Ray grab Martin and rush him to the ship where they save his life.

With increased security following their White House failure earlier, Amaya goes to Obsidian to see if he can get them into the State Dinner. He doesn’t want to get involved, saying that the FBI can handle it. Heywood says that there is a time traveler involved and because of that, the FBI wouldn’t be able to stop it. Obsidian finally agrees to help them. Sara and Stein make amends. They both know that they let their emotions get the best of them. Stein says he doesn’t want Sara to become an assassin again because she is so much more than that now. She is their captain.

The Legends, in their best, enter the White House to stop the deal. They find Darhk in the basement where he exchanges a CD for a small box (almost like a ring box). The Legends swoop in, but Darhk tells them that there is a bomb upstairs. Mick and Ray go to stop it while the others take out Darhk’s men and the Russians. Obsidian, Amaya, and Sara go after Darhk, but he is waiting for them. Obsidian takes a bullet for Amaya and Sara steps in. Darhk taunts her, recognizing her from the past and also recognizing the look in her eye. He knows that at some point, he took everything from her. Sara tells Darhk that she will spare him today. She then does her own baiting, saying that in the future, Darhk loses everything. I have never seen Darhk look that scared before, so way to go, Sara. Suddenly, Darhk is whisked away by Eobard, though the Legends don’t see who it is. Sara then reveals that she stole the small box off of Darhk.

Upstairs, Ray and Mick work to disarm the bomb. Ray doesn’t think he has the capabilities, but Mick tells him that if there’s one thing he knows, its science. After a moment, Ray realizes that he can use the cold gun to send a shock to the bomb. Mick unwillingly lets Ray dismantle the gun. He then sits back and eats a pastry, thinking that they’re going to die. Ray successfully stops the bomb.

Back on the Waverider, Stein scolds his younger self for dragging Clarissa along on the trip to Washington, but ignoring her the whole time. Martin is too busy asking about the future to really hear what Stein is trying to say. Stein calls him selfish and says that the only thing in his life that gives him meaning is Clarissa. I like the shows ability to give Stein character growth by showing how much of a jerk his younger self is. Though Stein sometimes relapses into his know-it-all-ness, he has come far in the past two seasons. I like that he is a voice of reason to Sara and their relationship.

The Legends now know exactly what they are dealing with. Darhk has a speedster on his side, but they were at least able to stop his plans this time. Unbeknownst to them, Eobard has created a time pod. He and Darhk travel into the future together as Darhk wants to change his destiny. It probably wasn’t the best idea for Sara to reveal what happens to him in the future.

We are finally seeing the start of the Legion of Doom and I can’t wait to see how Malcolm Merlyn and Leonard Snart come into the fold. I knew that Sara and Mick are going to have a hard time with Leonard being their enemy, but after this episode, it hit me how bad this is going to be for Mick. He really misses his partner and I’m afraid that he might consider abandoning the Legends to be with Leonard again. The only thing that could potentially stop him is his budding friendship with Ray. I really like their dynamic and their scenes together are always funny.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Outlaw Country.’

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