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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap ‘Aruba’

Published on April 5th, 2017 | Updated on April 5th, 2017 | By FanFest

Legends of Tomorrow Recap ‘Aruba’

The Legends plan to go back to the moment in time when the Spear passed into the hands of the Legion, but first they must find the Waverider. Luckily, Rip got Gideon back online and is headed for their location. In order to return the ship to its original size, they must break into S.T.A.R. Labs and retrieve the Atom suit. The Legends are successful and travel back in time.

Their plan to get the Spear is a tricky one as they cannot let their past selves see them. While discussing this, they realize that by going back, they have made themselves Time Aberrations. If they manage to get the Spear and reset reality, they will disappear. It’s a risk they’re willing to take. First off, they send Ray out to retrieve the blood of Christ so they can destroy the Spear once it’s in their possession. Unfortunately, Eobard knew what the Legends would plan to do. He steals and smashes the vial of blood and then kills Ray.

The Doomworld Legends (I’ll refer to them as Aberrations to avoid any upcoming confusion) will sneak aboard the Waverider while the other Legends go to the church to find Gawain. Nate, Mick, and Rip get aboard the ship since their other selves have departed, and steal the Spear. But Nate messes up the plan when he sees Amaya and delays their departure. The others are returning, trapping the Aberrations on the ship. Sara and Jax run interference outside, but the plan goes south. The two teams come face-to-face.

Now that the two teams have seen each other, time starts to fight back. They need to get the Spear away from the Legion, who are drawing nearer (minus Eobard), but any sort of time travel together would create a paradox and destroy time. Before they can act, the Legion attacks the ship. They try to fly off, but get sucked into a time vortex that throws them around and destroys the Waverider. Their plan then becomes, get the Legends to the other Waverider with the Spear.

Using their future technology, the Legion target the two teams as they make their escape. They decide to forgo this new tech for weapons they’re more comfortable with and we are reminded just how deadly they are. Aberration Nate is killed by Damien. Before he dies, he tells himself not to be afraid to tell Amaya how he really feels. Malcolm splits apart Firestorm with an arrow and is about to kill Stein when Aberration Jax jumps in the way and is killed. Aberration Mick is killed by Leonard, who is then knocked out by Mick. Sara and Damien face off and she gets the upper hand, pinning him to a wall where she can finally exact her revenge for killing Laurel. Instead, she knocks him out, saying death would be kind.

Thinking that they have won, the Legends make for the ship, but Eobard returns. And he’s not alone. He brought with him as many of his past selves as he could gather. As the Eobards attack launch their attack, Sara tries to use the Spear, but it isn’t working. She attempts to hand it off to Amaya, but Amaya is knocked out by Eobard. Rip tells Sara that she can do it before getting taken down. Sara concentrates and says the incantation.

She awakens in a living room where Wizard of Oz is playing. She is joined by Laurel. Sara says that she isn’t strong enough to use the Spear because she is broken, filled with too much darkness. Laurel assures her that the Spear doesn’t only have to be used by someone with a pure heart. It just has to be used by someone that’ll do the right thing. As much as Sara wants to change everything and save her sister, she knows that she can’t. She hugs Laurel, telling her that she loves her before going back to the battle with Eobard.

Eobard takes the Spear from her, saying that she was stupid for not using it. He is about to kill the Legends, when nothing happens. Sara deactivated the Spear. Eobard says no matter, but Black Flash has arrived. He catches Eobard and wipes him from existence. As the Legends regain consciousness, Aberration Sara congratulates Sara on a job well done before disappearing. The day is saved.

The Legends return the remaining members of the Legion to their correct places in time. Sara spares Damien’s life. She has accepted the events to come by leaving him alive. Mick takes Leonard to the place where he is recruited by Eobard. Leonard spouts that he doesn’t want to end up dying to save the world. Mick tells him that he died in order to save his friends. Leonard believes that to be a weakness, but Mick assures him that he becomes a better man. He wipes Leonard’s memory, then disappears.

The Legends next stop is to 1942 to return Amaya. Nate tells her that he is going to stay in 1942 with her. He asks her to tell him to remain by her side. Amaya says that she can’t do that because she doesn’t want to go back. She wants to remain a Legend, which is good because I really like Amaya, but what about her legacy?

Sara finds Rip leaving the Waverider. He says that he has taught them everything he can and that they function much better as a team under Sara’s command. She allows him to leave, but I don’t think this will be the last of him.

Reality is saved and the Legends head off for a short little break in Aruba before they return to policing time. But of course, things don’t go as planned. They are struck by another time time vortex that throws them from the time stream. They crash land in Los Angeles in 2017. But when they look out the window, the landscape is not what it should be. We have some normal buildings, some futuristic-looking buildings, and some dinosaurs. Looks like the Legends accidentally broke time.

This was a good, emotional season finale. Mick and Sara faced their demons and overcame them, coming out stronger in the end. I’m curious how Amaya not returning to 1942 will ripple throughout time. I was thinking that she and Nate would leave and start a life together, but instead, Rip departed. I wasn’t expecting that. I think he and Sara make good co-captains.

Legends of Tomorrow season two is officially over, and I look forward to where it goes in season three. The show definitely came into its own during these 17 episodes, excepting the fact that it is the zaniest of the CW superhero block. It is a whole lot of fun and can’t wait for its return.

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