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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap ‘Aruba-Con’

Published on October 11th, 2017 | Updated on October 11th, 2017 | By FanFest

Legends of Tomorrow Recap ‘Aruba-Con’

The Legends succeeded in breaking time when they stopped the Legion of Doom from rewriting reality. They are about to start figuring out how to fix their mistakes when Rip Hunter appears out of nowhere with a whole bunch of people in suits. They are the Time Bureau, which Rip created in order to corrected all of the anachronisms the Legends created. Rip then relieves the Legends of their duty.

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Back in 2017, the now disbanded Legends are trying to have a life outside of time travel, and it isn’t really going that great. Sara works at Sink, Shower, and Stuff, and isn’t exactly vying for employee of the month. Ray works for a dating app, doing his best to convince his boss that he has the ability to change the world if he just believes in Ray’s tech. Nate is teaming up with Kid Flash to stop crime in Central City and dating around. Jax has dropped out of school, not knowing exactly what he wants to do with his life. Stein is about to become a grandfather. Rory is being Rory and kicking it in Aruba. They’re all not that happy with their current situation, except Stein and probably Rory, but there is nothing they can do because of the Time Bureau. But on the beach in Aruba is where they’re needed as Rory’s vacation time is interrupted by the appearance of Julius Caesar.

Rory calls Sara to tell her that the Time Bureau missed an anachronism. She grabs Nate and Ray and they go to confront Rip about Caesar’s appearance. The organization tells them that they can’t find any problems in Aruba, and believe that Rory is lying. Rip then shows the Legends around the Bureau. The Waverider has been turned into a training module, and the class is running through some of the Legends’ old missions (and poking fun at the bad decisions that were made by the Legends). When the Bureau finally does go to Aruba to confront Caesar, they accidentally grab the wrong guy because a bunch of frats are having a toga party. They believe Rory was mistaken and send the Legends on their way. But Sara has other plans.

The Legends steal the Waverider, pick up Jax and Stein, and make for Aruba. They track down Caesar trying to recruit the frat boys to join his army and conquer the world, but Sara easily kicks his butt. They take him aboard the Waverider and are about to take him back to where he belongs when a hologram of Rip appears. He asks the Legends to return Caesar to the Bureau and they will deal with the rest. Rip says that he trusts Sara’s judgement. Much to the surprise of the crew, Sara tells Gideon to head for the Bureau, but not before Jax makes a couple of repairs to the ship. In the meantime, Sara goes and has a conversation with Caesar. He recounts his plan for conquering Rome, saying that sometimes you have to go against the odds. Sara changes her mind. The Legends are going to fix their mistakes.

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They drop Caesar off, but Nate screws it all up by allowing Caesar to steal a book containing the history of Rome. Now that Caesar knows everything that’s going to happen, he changes his destiny. The Bureau shows up before the Legends can act, and get a verbal lashing from Rip. Rip then sends in a team led by his right-hand woman, Ava Sharpe, but Caesar had laid a trap. The other two men escape back to the Waverider, but Ava is captured.

Rip begrudgingly sends the Legends in to save Ava and restore the timeline. Sara and Ava actually cooperate with each other in order to take down a couple of Caesar’s men and it looks like there might be a little bit of respect growing between the two of them (Maybe, because then she says that the Legends make even more of a mess than she realized). After the timeline has been restored, Rip asks Sara to return the Waverider to the Bureau, but she says no. The Legends will fix the anachronisms that they created. She asks for Rip’s permission, but he knows that they’re going to do it anyway. As they depart, Ava says that they should’ve taken them in. Rip knows that’s probably the case, but they may need the Legends’ help for what’s coming. And all we get is a name: Mallus.

Rory picked a couple of items off of the Bureau before they departed including one of their watch teleporters, a communication device, and their handy-dandy memory-wiping gun. The Legends are back in action, but there’s one member of their crew that they would like to have back. Amaya went back to 1942 after having a conversation with Rip, and I think their next stop might be to get her back.

The final scene of the episode is Amaya protecting Zambesi from some poachers, and, man, has she gotten crazy powerful. Amaya summons a whole slew of creatures that literally tear apart the poachers. This is definitely something new for Vixen.

“Sometimes we screw things up for the better.” The new self-proclaimed motto of the Legends is wildly accurate. They may be screw-ups, but in the end, they manage to find a way to make things better. They don’t abide by the rules, which in a way makes them successful. Would the Time Bureau have thought to change reality to render the Spear of Destiny powerless? Probably not. That’s exactly what Rip tells Ava, too. Though he says the Legends are like going into surgery with a chainsaw than a scalpel, they may just need that chainsaw sometime in the future.

I’m interested to see where the season takes us and am excited for all of the ridiculousness to come. The next episode is entitled ‘Freakshow.’

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