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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Preview ‘Wet Hot American Bummer’

Legends of Tomorrow Preview ‘Wet Hot American Bummer’

The Legends are headed back to the 90s as a monster is attacking a summer camp. Posing as camp counselors, they have to protect the kids and stop whatever is out there in the lake. For once, Constantine is playing along with the “age-appropriate” costumes. The trailer shows the first time we’ll see him out of his signature trench coat while in the field. Joining the Legends this week is Ava. It’s been a while since she’s gone on a mission with the team, and it will be fun to have her and Sara in action together. Together, they can kick a whole lot of monster booty.

I’m curious to see what happens with Charlie. Last week, Constantine trapped the shape-shifter in the form of Amaya, and the team is going to have a hard time distancing themselves from the memory of their teammate. We already saw that in the fact that none of them could act against the Fugitive and send her to Hell when she looked like Amaya. Sara decided to keep her presence a secret from Nate, but he’s bound to find out and he’s probably not going to take it so well. He finally admitted to the real reason he took the job at the Time Bureau and it was because everything on the Waverider reminded him of Amaya. Once he learns the truth, he’s going to have to heal all over again.