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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Mid-Season Finale Recap ‘Beebo the God of War’

Published on December 6th, 2017 | Updated on December 6th, 2017 | By FanFest

Legends of Tomorrow Mid-Season Finale Recap ‘Beebo the God of War’

The Legends are all reeling from Stein’s death and Leo takes it upon himself to act as a counselor for all of them. He brings in each Legend to his “office” and has them speak to a puppet he made of Stein. Doesn’t go over so well. Sara’s recommendation is to lock their feelings in a box and put that box away. Also not the best idea.

They receive word of an anachronism in a viking settlement in the New World. They head there to do some recon and discover that young Martin Stein has found himself in the 1100s. The Legends rescue Martin, thinking him to be the anachronism, but they’re wrong. Martin didn’t come to this time alone. He had a child’s toy called Beebo with him and the vikings view the blue puppet as their new god. They intend to conquer all of the world because Beebo declares that he is hungry.

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Back on the Waverider, they get a call from Ava. She knows that the Legends are tackling the viking problem, but also wanted to send her condolences for Stein’s passing. Ava is concerned that the Legends aren’t in a good state of mind and Sara agrees. She asks Ava for her help. With Ava temporarily joining the team, they head out to try and steal Beebo. But it’s the Legends, so nothing ever goes smoothly.

Mick is tasked with steeling Beebo, but he’s in a bad mood because Leo is trying to make him sober up. He is caught by Freydis, Leif Erikson’s sister, and the jig is up. Mick is to be burned alive, but Leo saves him by freezing the pyre. Nate and Amaya try to take Beebo while everyone is distracted, but Amaya accidentally triggers the voice box and they’re caught. During the fray, Beebo is tossed around like a football until Mick torches the thing. Beebo is gone, but things go from bad to worse. Suddenly, Damien and Nora appear dressed as Norse gods (Damien declaring he is Odin). The Legends retreat.

Aboard the Waverider, Sara doesn’t know what to do. She asks Ava to call the agency for backup, but they refuse. Ava then offers some advice. She thinks the Legends cannot win the fight against the Darhks. They are too powerful and the Legends aren’t in a good head-space. She hopes that Sara makes the right decision and leaves. Sara calls the team together and tells them that she is going to face the Darhks alone. Everyone else should take the Waverider and get away. The others tell her that there’s no way they are letting her walk to her death. It’s either all or none.

While all of this is going on, Jax is trying to figure out a way to alter the future and save Stein. Zari talks him out of outright telling Stein the truth, but offers up a solution of finding a loophole in time. Jax writes a letter and tells Stein to open the day he dies. It contains a way for him to protect himself against the bullets that kill him. But Stein never opens it. In fact, he burned the letter almost as soon as it was given to him. Jax confronts him about it and he says that he realizes that he will have lived a full life by that time. He asks Jax to let him go. He knows that his future self would have wanted Jax to continue on and live his life to the fullest.

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The Legends (minus Jax) confront the Darhks, Sara coming under the guise of giving herself up. Damien and Nora are separated, which helps to even the odds a bit, but they are still just way too powerful. Damien knocks Nate out and stops Sara and Zari’s attacks. Outside, Mick and Leo launch their attack on Nora. The vikings are temporarily disposed of as Beebo suddenly returns. Turns out Ray is inside and is controlling him. Nora holds back the fire and ice blasts, but actually seems to be struggling a bit to keep them at bay. She eventually lets the two collide, which knocks her unconscious. Damien senses that Nora is in danger and rushes to her aid. He collects his daughter and is about to teleport away when Sara grabs his arm.

Sara finds herself in a wasteland where she hears the voice of Mallus. He never shows his face to her, but warns of his impending awakening. In the reflection of Sara’s eye, we see a dark mass take the shape of a hand reaching out for her, but then suddenly Sara is dragged out of the void by Ava.

Beebo is dead, the Darhks are gone, and history has once more righted itself. On the Waverider, Sara recounts her experience in the void to Ava, saying that she could feel the intensity of Mallus. Ava now believes that Rip was right to have focused so much time on the threat. She will return to the Bureau with this development in the hope that they might start believing how serious it is. Sara thanks her for her help and for coming back to save her. And with that it looks like Ava is going to be the new love interest for our dear captain.

Jax comes back to the Waverider after meeting with young Stein and Sara catches him. She knows that he was trying to change the future. Jax then says that he’s trying to move on, but he can’t do that if he’s on the Waverider. He needs to leave and have his own adventure for a little while. He asks Sara to keep his departure a secret from the rest of the crew until he’s gone. But she wasn’t going to do that. The Legends have one last hurrah, celebrating Stein and Jax. Afterward, he leaves.

Sara comes aboard after saying goodbye to Jax when she is met by John Constantine. He asks for her help in exorcising a demon that has possessed a little girl because for some reason, that demon knows Sara by name.

This was a good winter finale that has definitely set up the second half of the season. We got a little bit more of Mallus this week and I’m really interested to see how all of this is going to play out. Sara also now knows that Grodd has been recruited by the Darhks, as well.

It was so good to have Snart back. He’s been greatly missed since Season One and this new version was definitely something new. He admits to Mick that he joined the Legends because he has missed his best friend. The reason he tries throughout the episode to change Mick is because he wanted the version that he knew back. But that’s definitely not the Mick of Earth-1. He apologizes to Mick for taking away his alcohol and I think the two of them are going to have a much smoother relationship going forward.

I don’t want Jax to go! I’m hoping that he’ll come back near the end of the season because he’s one of the only other level-headed members of the crew. But I understand his decision to go. It’d be hard to stick around on the Waverider with all of the memories. I just hope that he’ll eventually make it back. He has the stuff to be a Legend without being Firestorm.

Legends of Tomorrow takes a break and returns with new episodes in January.

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