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‘Legends’ Star Ciara Reneé Discusses Challenges of Playing Hawkgirl

Published on March 13th, 2016 | Updated on May 18th, 2016 | By FanFest

This morning fans and actors from Legends of Tomorrow sat down to discuss the show at Heroes & Villains Fan Fest Chicago. It was the first time the cast has ever sat down to do a formal panel, Caity Lotz mentioned as they began.

Ciara recently joined the show along with Carter Hall (Hawkman- played by Falk Henschel) who have been lovers on an off through their lifespans of approximately 4,000 years-although the character does not remember all of it.

The panel moderator asked Ciara what it’s like playing a 4,000 year old character.

“It’s interesting especially since Kendra started out as supposedly just a normal human. I think she was a barista.” Renee said.

“I feel like her journey is kind of a similar to the one that I’m going through with TV in general because I’ve never done TV before, so being thrown into this medium really quickly and having to sink or swim-and thats what she’s doing she’s like, Oh. I’m a superhero and I have to say the world-okay.

And of course having all these life-times is really hard to keep track of but we’re just playing it that she’s learning them bit by bit. Thank God I don’t have to have this catalogue of lives.”

I can imagine thatplaying a 4,000 year old super hero definitely comes with its unique set of challenges. But the coolest of challenges! What do you think?

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