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Lawyer in Next Case Speaks Out as Johnny Depp Prepares to Return to Court Over Assault Allegations

Published on June 13th, 2022 | Updated on June 13th, 2022 | By FanFest

Johnny Depp has been in legal trouble for a while now. Most recently, he was in a six-week televised case with his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

In the end, the jury sided with Depp after Heard was found guilty of defamation. Now she must pay her ex millions of dollars. While Depp is moving on from that situation, he is now facing a lawsuit from a former colleague related to assault. Ahead of the trial, the accuser’s lawyer is speaking out.

Gregg “Rocky” Brooks is the plaintiff in this legal case. He worked as a location manager on Johnny Depp’s movie, City of Lies. Brooks filed a lawsuit in 2018, claiming that Depp punched him twice in the rib cage.

The crew member claims that Depp was harming him emotionally by committing the act. Brooks also stated that after the star supposedly punched him, he proceeded to taunt him, before Depp allegedly offered the manager $100,000 to punch him in the face.

This latest trial comes at an interesting time. It is close to the defamation case involving Amber Heard., The Sun asked Gregg Brooks’ lawyer, Pat Harris, for his thoughts on the verdict in that situation. Harris does not believe that the court decision means anything for his client’s situation.

Brooks’ case is not about two Hollywood celebrities involved in a toxic relationship. It is about the assault of a hard-working film crew member by the star of the production.Mr. Brooks looks forward to his day in court.

Gregg Brooks’ lawsuit says that after the reported incident, Johnny Depp continued to rant before he was removed from the area by his bodyguards. It also claims that Depp’s breath smelled like alcohol.

After the 2018 filing, Depp responded to the suit, saying that Brooks had provoked him and that he had acted in self-defense. Depp also claimed that the location manager had made him feel unsafe. The damages that Brooks is suing for have not been publicly specified.

The actor who won an Oscar recently was given millions of dollars in damages from a defamation case. The jury said that the actor is to be given $10 million dollars for compensatory damages and $5 million dollars for punitive damages. Amber Heard, who is the actor’s ex-wife, was also given $2 million in compensatory damage. In her response to the verdict, Heard expressed “disappointment,” while her former husband stated that he felt “at peace.”

Pat Harris is right to say that it is hard to say how the jury might rule in the assault trial of Johnny Depp and Gregg Brooks. The trial is set to begin on July 25th.

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