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Laurie Holden and David Morrissey Reunite at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta

Walker Stalker Atlanta is in full swing this weekend at the Georgia World Congress Center for the biggest Walking Dead fan meetup all year!

Today is day two, and next up is a panel featuring Laurie Holden and David Morrissey, who played the at odds Andrea and The Governor. The Governor’s action eventually lead to Andrea’s death, after the two get tangled in a dangerous love affair. This changed the direction of the series forever.

Here’s what’s happening on the panel!

Moderator and radio host Lisa Manning opens the panel by asking Laurie and David about their memories of Hershel actor Scott Wilson.

We’ve lost one of the great ones. -David Morrissey

David talked about his admiration of Scott’s  body of work and how surprised he was that Scott knew of David prior to filming.

 Whatever you think Hershel was times it by a 1000. – Laurie Holden

Laurie explained that Scott Wilson was “a friend first and foremost”. She talked about they joy he experienced when coming to the Walker Stalker conventions around the world. Laurie said “his face lit up like a Christmas tree” when they reconnected at cons.

David takes a moment to share his gratitude for the opportunity to bring “complexity” to the role of the Governor. He is pleased that his character’s introduction came ahead of the time frame that he debuted in the comics. He is grateful for the source material from Jay Bonansinga’s series of novels about the Governor.

When asked about advice for young actors, Laurie first implores young people to vote. She goes on to encourage young actors to get a degree if they are able while studying the craft of acting. She explains that the reading and experiences of study all inform your work as an actor.

The pair also speak to the concept of rejection as an actor, revealing that it happens often. David points to the dichotomy of an actor needing to be so open and vulnerable in performance while experiencing so much rejection in real life when not selected for roles.

Lisa asks David about his charitable work. He mentions a recent opportunity called The Felix Project where unused restaurant food is delivered to those in need. David reminds fans that charity can be very close to home. He recommends finding a local charity where even the simplest of tasks can help others saying “just find something that speaks to you individually”

Just be kind. – Laurie Holden

Laurie reminds fans to give hugs and ask people how things are going.

Dont’ be fooled about his golf skills. – David Morrissey

Both actors have the best things to say about Andrew Lincoln in light of his imminent departure from the series. David describes Andy’s incredible work ethic and the wonderful example he set for the entire production. The Governor actor does point out, however, that Andrew is a really good golfer and not to let him tell you otherwise. Consider yourself warned!

Oh, I can’t pick it up! – Laurie Holden

A fan asks Laurie about Andrea’s death scene. Laurie describes it as “complicated”. She shares that she found out about her death only the day prior. Two death scenes were filmed because they were not satisfied with the first one.

Regarding those pesky pliers, Laurie shares that her toes are actually quite flexible and she would not have trouble at all retrieving said pliers. She jokes about having to really act out that feeling of  “Oh, I can’t pick it up!”

She goes on to talk about the positive aspects of Andrea’s death – the redemptive focus and Andrea being with her friends in the end. She ultimately describes it as “very poetic”.

Laurie Holden and David Morrissey have a wonderful rapport and admiration for each other’s craft. It is fun to hear them recall memories from set and their characters’ stories.

Stay tuned for more panel scoop from Walker Stalker Atlanta 2018.