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Will Lauren Cohan Return to ‘The Walking Dead’ in Season 10?

Published on November 7th, 2019 | Updated on November 8th, 2019 | By FanFest

Fans rejoiced when at New York Comic Con this year upon learning of Lauren Cohan’s return to The Walking Dead. Fans learned she will return in season eleven, however, we have since learned Maggie Rhee’s return might be earlier than we anticipated. When Entertainment Weekly asked show-runner Angela Kang if Maggie would make an appearance in The Walking Dead’s current season she remarked, “We may see her at some other point this season, but I don’t want to say too much about anything.”

According to our sources, Lauren Cohan has, in fact, been seen in Atlanta and is reportedly filming for the series. It seems all but certain that she will r her role in the latter part of this current 10th season.

During Cohan’s time away from the show, characters continued to mention Maggie’s character although we did not see her on-screen. After the time jump, viewers learned that Maggie went off with Georgia on a mission to further build communities. Throughout her disappearance, multiple characters have continued to mention Maggie past the initial reference.  Kang noted, “She’s [Maggie] definitely on our characters’ minds as they’re dealing with all this stuff going on and realizing that some of the people that are really capable and wonderful that they love are just out there and inaccessible to them at the moment.

The return of Maggie will be an interesting one. One must take into account that three people from The Hilltop are no longer with us. Many fans want to know the character’s reaction to Enid’s death in particular. In addition to that news, someone will have to report Negan’s escape from prison.  How is she going to handle the news that the man who took Glenn from her is free?

Although there is not a specific episode that Cohan will appear again, Kang continued to reveal her fondness to the character and Cohan as well.

“Maggie is a character that I’ve always loved writing for on the show. She’s a character that I thought was just so much fun in the comic book. I personally love LC so much. She’s just such a warm, wonderful, funny presence around the set. We’ve been saying for a while that the goal was always to figure out when we can continue her story, and there were a lot of logistics that needs to be worked out.”

Keep watching every Sunday night on AMC at 9 pm EST for Cohan’s return as Maggie on The Walking Dead.

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