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Lauren Cohan Offers a New Update on Returning to ‘The Walking Dead’: “I think about Maggie all the time.”

While the back half of The Walking Dead season 9 went down in the books as one of the strongest the series has seen, it was certainly bittersweet for fans. The exit of Andrew Lincoln was a tough pill swallow, but with the way his story ended and the confirmation that he would be starring in a film trilogy, fans were appeased. However, the back half of season 9 also saw the exit of Lauren Cohan who had been starring as Maggie Greene Rhee since season 2. Cohan’s exit was not as smooth as Lincoln’s with the character simply having left her post at the Hilltop during the six-year time jump.

Lauren Cohan Offers a New Update on Returning to 'The Walking Dead': "I think about Maggie all the time."
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Even though Maggie was mentioned throughout the season, fans couldn’t help but wonder about her whereabouts and just what caused her to leave the community. The one glimmer of hope is that Scott Gimple, Angela Kang and Lauren Cohan have all been extremely vocal about her returning to The Walking Dead universe in some way and now that her new series Whiskey Cavalier is well underway, it’s opened up the opportunity for Cohan to provide more updates, and they are quite promising! The actress recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly about her possibly returning to the series in season 10 or in her own film.

[row]“We’ll see what happens. There is definitely a lot of exciting ways [for it to happen]. And the universe, I’m still very much a part of it. And it’s not over. So, for me, that’s exciting. And I get so excited because we talk about different possibilities. It is the timing of all characters involved that are also integral to how we would be able to do it.”[/row]

The conversation also gave Cohan the opportunity to reflect on just how much the show impacted her life and how Maggie Greene Rhee is always with her.

[row]“It’s the weirdest thing and I would never know it until I was in this situation, but I think about Maggie all the time. She’s always, like, inside of me. This sounds weird, but she is. It’s partly knowing the story is continuing, the story is unfinished. It’s partly having active conversations all the time with Angela and with Scott. But it’s mostly because in one way I was like: Wouldn’t it be cool if she had just some epic hero’s death and it was over? And then I get so sad because I’m like: No, because the potential for what worlds we could create — it’s like, ‘Hey, guys, you didn’t know this was happening, but by the way, come with us and come and explore this.’”[/row]

Lauren Cohan Offers a New Update on Returning to 'The Walking Dead': "I think about Maggie all the time."
Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

The Walking Dead clearly meant so much to Cohan and her career, and it was a point she hammered home in the interview as well.

 “I have goosebumps right now. I’m emotional. And I’m so glad and it’s so cool to kind of be this little walking house of stories that she’s there, and Frankie [her Whiskey Cavalier character] is there. And obviously the impact and amount of time with Maggie, that’s such a huge part of me, and my life, and my life as an actor, and my coming to as an actor, and everything. So no, it’s definitely not done. I’m way too sentimental a person.”

While Whiskey Cavalier has been performing okay at ABC, it hasn’t been picked up for a second season, so the chance of seeing Cohan pop up in season 10 of The Walking Dead isn’t off the table! The series returns this October and Whiskey Cavalier currently airs Wednesdays on ABC!