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‘Last Man Standing’ Recasts Two Roles

Published on July 3rd, 2018 | Updated on July 3rd, 2018 | By FanFest

Last Man Standing may have been revived by the Fox network, but the series will be making its return without two of the show’s original cast members.

Original castmates Molly Ephraim and Flynn Morrison have chosen not to return along with the rest of the cast for the upcoming 7th season. The two played daughter Mandy and grandson Boyd Baxter in relation to Mike Baxter played by series star Tim Allen. According to Deadline, both the roles of Mandy and Boyd Baxter are in the process of being recast.

In addition to Allen, the rest of the show’s cast will be back for the revival season including Nancy Travis, Jonathan Adams, Amanda Fuller, Christoph Sanders and Jordan Masterson. Costar Hector Elizondo will also be returning. Elizondo’s return was an uncertainty since he had been cast in an NBC pilot called Guess Who Died. Since the pilot was not picked up to series and was shopped around to other networks unsuccessfully, he was available to return to Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing was a fan favorite sitcom which ran for six seasons on ABC before facing cancelation last year. The series stars Allen as  Mike Baxter, a married father of three girls, who tries to maintain his manliness in a world increasingly dominated by women. Kevin Abbott will be returning for the 7th season as executive producer and showrunner and will be joined by longtime series writers Matt Berry, Kevin Hench and Ed Yeager.

When it was first announced that the show would be returning, Allen expressed his excitement via a press release from Fox. He said:

[row]“Excited?,” said Allen. “Team LMS was in the sixth inning, ahead by four runs, stands were packed and then for no reason, they call off the game. It leaves you sitting in the dugout, holding a bat and puzzled. Now we get the news from FOX that it’s time to get back out on that diamond – hell yes, I’m excited! When I heard the offer to create more episodes of LAST MAN STANDING, I did a fist pump so hard I threw my back out. It’s the fans! I could not be more grateful for the fans who wrote petitions and kept up the passion and incredible support for the show. And a fist pump, ouch, for Dana Walden and Gary Newman at FOX for not only listening to the fans, but for making the bold move to bring LAST MAN STANDING back. I’m sure audiences will be curious to see what we look like after all these years. Oh, has it only been one year? Well, just goes to show you – a lot can happen in a year.”[/row]

Last Man Standing is slated to make its return Friday nights at  8 pm EST on Fox.

What do you think about Last Man Standing recasting two original series roles for its revival at Fox? Are you excited to see the show return? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


Source: TVLine


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