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Lady Gaga announces New Album

Published on September 17th, 2016 | Updated on September 17th, 2016 | By FanFest

Little Monsters it is happening! Lady Gaga is releasing another album!

Gaga’s fifth album, Joanne, will be out Oct. 21.

We don’t know much about the album other than these eight key facts:

  • Joanne was named after Gaga’s late aunt. Her aunt died of Lupus when she was 19.
  • This album is going to show fans a darker side to Gaga. “…They want to see the perfection… it’s the imperfection that is the win,” Gaga told EW.
  • That darkness was awakened by gaga’s time on season 5 of FX’s American Horror Story. 
  • Elton John and Breedlove are already fans of the album. “I’ve heard two or three songs from her new record, which she’s making with Mark Ronson, and it’s absolutely brilliant,” Elton John said in an interview. (Elton John’s word is law when it comes to music BTW!)
  • This album has a ton of collaborators. She is working with Mark Ronson, Giorgio Moroder, RedOne, Diane Warren, Nile Rodgers, Bloodpop, Florence Welch, Hillary Lindsey, and Kevin Parker.
  • “Perfect Illusion” is the first single off of the album and it premiered a new rock vibe that Joanne will have. It was made with the help of Mark Ronson, Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, and Bloodpop.
  • The phrase “Chaos Angel” will be in the album somewhere. Gaga has used this phrase multiple times in social media and enjoys teasing fans by using this method.
  • This cover art:


How pumped are you for Lady Gaga’s next album?

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