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Lady A’s Charles Kelley and Spouse Disclose Pivotal Moment that Prompted Country Star to Seek Assistance for Alcoholism

Published on May 11th, 2023 | Updated on May 11th, 2023 | By FanFest

Lady A’s Charles Kelley faced his denial about his alcoholism, realizing that it wasn’t limited to extreme cases of homelessness or destitution. However, his marriage to Cassie McConnell reached a breaking point during a vacation in Greece when he spent an entire night drinking after an argument.

At that moment, McConnell believed their marriage was irreparable and contemplated meeting with a divorce attorney. Kelley shared that he turned off his phone and disappeared, drinking with strangers in an act of rebellion against feeling controlled. Unbeknownst to him, his friends spent the entire night searching for him.

McConnell revealed that she never slept that night, and when Kelley returned to the hotel in the morning, she confronted him, expressing her concern and emphasizing that he needed help. Kelley acknowledged his need for assistance and immediately made arrangements with his manager to fly directly from Greece to seek treatment.

Despite believing their marriage was on the verge of collapse, McConnell contemplated the well-being of their 7-year-old son. She recognized that she couldn’t remove herself from their son’s life every day, leaving him with an uncertain environment while living with his father. The situation hadn’t reached an intolerable level until that moment, leading them to confront the issue as they departed Greece.

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Hearing that their son, Ward, had noticed his drinking habits deeply affected Kelley. McConnell shared instances when Ward mentioned how his father spoke differently or how arguments were frequent. Ward’s well-being became the top priority for the 41-year-old singer.

Kelley’s bandmates, Hillary Scott and Dave Haywood, also intervened five years ago, expressing their concern about his drinking. While Kelley initially argued that it hadn’t affected their work or performances, he acknowledged his dismissive and emotionally charged behavior towards them when he was under the influence.

Kelley admitted feeling terrified when he first entered rehab after the incident in Greece. Previously, he believed that his drinking didn’t necessitate rehab, but he discovered that alcoholism exists on a spectrum. One doesn’t have to be living on the streets or waking up in extreme circumstances to have a serious problem.

To rebuild trust with his family and band, Kelley actively participates in numerous meetings and uses a breathalyzer every night and morning. McConnell expressed immense pride in Kelley’s commitment to his sobriety, recognizing the challenges he faces and the effort he puts into the journey. Kelley attributed his success to McConnell’s unwavering support, acknowledging the love he feels from her.

Lady A, having postponed their tour last year to support Kelley’s rehabilitation, has returned to the stage with their “Request Line Tour,” marking their continued commitment to music and their fans.

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