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Kristen Bell helps High Schooler with Dream Promposal

Published on May 5th, 2017 | Updated on May 4th, 2017 | By FanFest

With so many social media avenues and lines of contact right at our fingertips; promposals are turning into pretty big deals. High Schoolers are calling on the help of friends and family and even celebrities to make asking someone to the dance an experience in itself. A simple, will you go to prom with me is out – you’ve got to be more impressive these days.

Recently, Emma Stone got the perfect La La Land themed promposal and while she had to turn the date down, she did send some flowers and a sweet note in her absence.

Tonight, Kristen Bell joined in with a promposal too; but she wasn’t the one being asked to the big dance. Instead, Kristen helped a boy who wanted to ask a girl to the dance in a unique way, and unique it was.

On the Jimmy Kimmel show, Kristen took over as host – as one of the celebrities who are stepping in and helping Jimmy spend time at home with his family after the birth of his son – and did something huge.

She started the episode by saying since she was in charge, she could do whatever she wanted. Turns out, she wanted to give out some prizes. She called a couple members of the audience on stage and asked them some basic questions before she sent them on a mission. The two were then dressed in ‘Frozen’ inspired costumes and sent to Hollywood Boulevard to find Kristoff and bring him back to the studio. Whoever found him first would win some prizes.

However, this wasn’t a random occurrence at all and Kristoff was actually a boy named Michael and Sarah was the object of his affection. Once Sarah roped Kristoff in and brought him back on stage, he took off his mask and the pieces started to fit together.

Not before, however, Kristen Bell could sing a special tune telling Sarah how much Michael wanted her to be his date. It was one of the cutest promposals out there – he gets major props.

Sarah said yes, (thankfully – or as Kristen sang, it might have been awkward) and Kristen told the pair that they would have a glam session, a tux rental, and a stretch limo to escort them to the dance. She also promised a case of beer – just kidding – sort of.

These two are going to have a magical night, especially with this type of beginning. Way to go Michael.

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