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‘Kingdom Hearts 3’: What Worlds Should Return?

Published on January 22nd, 2019 | Updated on February 7th, 2019 | By FanFest

It’s incredible to think that Kingdom Hearts III is a mere seven days away. After waiting twelve years, it almost does not seem real. We have seen reveal after reveal of new worlds, but only a few returning ones. While it never hurts my feelings to have something new to play, especially the likes of Toy Story (almost cried at that announcement), I want to present a few worlds that I believe should make the return trip, whether in the main game or as DLC.

  • Space Paranoids/ The Grid
I really need to rewatch both Tron and Tron:Legacy. (Photo credit to Square Enix)

I got into the movie super late, but that did not stop me from falling in love with the cult classic movie, Tron. The Space Paranoids world was an extremely fun ride in the second Kingdom Hearts, and it was contained inside a computer just like the movie. That would be an awesome secret to have inside say, the Big Hero 6 world? Maybe base it around the script for the third Tron movie we never got?

  • Timeless River

This exact world does not have to return, but some variation of it should. Based on the classic and important animated short Steamboat Willie, the old cartoon style would dazzle on the screens of our PS4 Pros and Xbox One Xs In HDR. Just like Cuphead did in 2017, this world would recapture nostalgia and just be fun to play to boot. I am sure there is another cartoon Disney has sitting around they could do, maybe introduce Oswald the Lucky Rabbit?

  • Halloween Town

Okay, so this one is so important to me I even did a video on it. Halloween Town was so popular from the original Kingdom Hearts that was the reason it made it back into 2. While I am not sure where exactly you could go with the story of The Nightmare Before Christmas from here (Tetsuya Nomura might have them go after St. Patrick’s Day or something), anything I can play with Jack Skellington again would be amazing.

There are my picks for worlds that should return in Kingdom Hearts III! What are yours? Do you think Square Enix should just stick to all new worlds? Use your Keyblade to unlock your comment below! Kingdom Hearts III releases January 29th on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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