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Kesha Returns to Music with Powerful New Song ‘Praying’

After years without being able to put out music, Kesha just made her big return to the music industry and it was an extremely triumphant one. Not only did she return with a powerhouse tune, it’s one that came from her heart out of a dark place and it was a mix of all of the emotions she had been experiencing.

I wrote this for myself, cause I was in a really sad, lonely, dark place … I remember sitting on the floor, not knowing what to do with all my emotions, and the only thing I knew what to do was write a song. And this song was like a promise letter to myself that we were gonna make it.’

The song is a promise letter, and it’s an anthem to anyone who has been hurt, betrayed, overlooked, and taken advantage of.  It’s taking the high road at the same time that it’s making a statement and it’s a warning at the same time that it’s a promise.

‘Being alive hurts too much’ Kesha says at the end of a voice over before the music kicks in, but the song is a rebirth, and her album, Rainbow, is likely to follow suit.

I’ve never been in touch with a huge part of who I am and who I’ve become. There was a very long, long, long period of time where I was not sure if I was ever going to be able to put out music again, and that’s all I’d ever wanted to do since I could remember being a person, so when I couldn’t, that was really difficult.

She went on to say that during those difficult times she did the only thing she knew how to do – she got in the studio and she allowed herself to feel whatever it was that she was feeling. The emotions poured out of her

How I dealt with that was, I dragged my body into my car, and I had my saint of an assistant drive me, or I’d drive myself the days I felt up to it, for about an hour and a half in traffic to a tiny little studio, and I would pour my fucking guts out, and I would lay on the ground and look at the sky and just weep, or laugh, or whatever it was – whatever the feeling of the day was. And that is how I made it through the past four years. That – and with the support of my fans.

We can’t wait to hear the album in full and we’re in awe of the strength and power Kesha shows. It’ll be incredible to experience the raw and real side of her through her music and her openness.

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