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Kate Middelton Visits Gloucestershire farm

Published on May 4th, 2017 | Updated on May 3rd, 2017 | By FanFest

Kate Middleton is gorgeous, well mannered, and always posh – but recently she got to live out a side of her life that is a little less ‘polished and proper’. During a visit to Gloucestershire Farm with a charity organization – Farms for City Children – she let the world know that she’s always been keen on animals and actually has quite a few at home alongside the family dog.

Kate was bright eyed and all smiles as she spent her day at the farm. There are photos of her smiling with the kids in attendance, feeding the animals, and even listening to a story. She spent just as much time with the kids as she did the animals after learning about their charity organization.

She didn’t just wow the children and their teachers – although that was a give in, she wowed the farmhands too with her ‘natural talent’ with the animals. One of them said Kate just walked up and nudged a pig with her hands to move it along like she’d been doing it forever.

She also fed a lamb and the photos are adorable. This one was our favorite.

While Kate was there learning and experiencing new things, the kids were too. Kate shared stories of her children and their animals at home. “She said she had lots of animals at home, a dog, a hamster, a lamb and her chickens,” 10-year-old pupil

A 10-year-old student Rehanna said this of her conversation with kate.

She said she had lots of animals at home, a dog, a hamster, a lamb and her chickens. She said she also had lots of eggs in an incubator and they were hoping they would hatch into chicks.

One of the teachers said that in speaking with Kate she revealed that they have an incubator at home and while they don’t know if it’s working, her kids go to look at it every morning to see if anything has happened.

You can find out more about the charity project here.

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