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Kate Beckinsale’s Teenage Crush on Rob Lowe

Published on April 27th, 2017 | Updated on April 27th, 2017 | By FanFest

Teenage celebrity heartthrobs make young girls do all sorts of crazy things. In Kate Beckinsale’s case, she wrote a postcard to her thirteen year old self as if it came from the one and only Rob Lowe. She recently discovered this postcard and took to Instagram to tell the world about it.

Many of us can probably relate to Beckinsale’s hysterical antics as she had some high hopes for her thirteen year old self. I’m sure we can we all relate to those dreams with posters, magazines and even dolls strewn about our rooms, teenage crushes were part of growing up. Doesn’t this room look a little too familiar?

However, it’s not often that a crush is made aware of your feelings from way back when. Some might choose go into hiding to avoid hearing the object of their affection’s reaction, but lucky for Beckinsale, Lowe seemed quite flattered telling ET, “So amazing, she’s one of my favorites. That made my day.” While at the Los Angeles premiere for How to Be A Latin Lover, he also told ET, “What’s great about this business is you wake up one day and you go, ‘Wait, this really happened, amazing!'” Lowe and his next generation of teen heart throbs, his sons Matthew and John Owen, are starring in a new A&E show called The Lowe Files. The show premieres this summer and it takes them around America to explore creepy urban legends.

While Beckinsale may have had her young sights set on Lowe all those years ago, she is undoubtedly the celebrity crush of many of her own fans as she shares Instagram posts such as these below.

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Taking the stairs

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To all the teens out there, keep crushing!

Source: ET

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